Boskone 51, NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention


Gaming has moved to the Harbor Foyer on the second floor. All gaming activities take place in Harbor Foyer except for the panel Make Your Own Games, which is in the Burroughs room at 6pm on Saturday.



5pm - midnightOpen gaming at its best. Come on in and ask a GM to show you how to play a game or check out a game and play with friends.
Game demo of Ore: The Mining Game (BFIG 2013 Best Game )
7pm - 9pmSH Open Demo. Check out all the games from Steve Jackson Games. Find your way around Munchkin Pathfinder, sneak around the labyrinth of Illuminati, or eat the humans with Zombie Dice.
10am - 5pmGame Designers Extravaganza! How’d you like to try a game before it it goes on sale. Now’s your chance. Come in and try a trio of fun games that are still in the playtest stage. Choose from Clusterfight card game; Los Cthuluchadores: Elder things in the wrestling ring board game; Moonquake: Escape board game.
6pm - 6:50pmMake Your Own Games! Burroughs
Bill Todd, Aerjen Tamminga, Sam Liberty, Jeff Johnston
You like to play games, but have you ever considered how games are made? How do you design a game? What does it take to make a really good game that people will want to play over and over again? Here's your chance to learn from actual game designers, with games that have been released onto the market, or are in the development stage. Got questions? We've got answers! Join us for this exciting new panel on game development.
8pm - 10pmSJ Open demo. Check out all the games from Steve Jackson Games. Find your way around Munchkin Pathfinder, sneak around the labyrinth of Illuminati, or eat the humans with Zombie Dice.
10am - 3pmGuru of the Game Room Tournament. 4 games in 5 hours. Dominion, DC Deck Building Game, Eminent Domain, and Innovation. Top 4 winners get to choose from the prize pool.
We'll also play Los Cthuluchadores: Elder Things In The Wrestling Ring board game.

Guru of the Game Room Information

Tournament Games

Times and Timing

The tournament will start at 10am on Sunday. You will have exactly one hour to play each game. If the game is finished before 60 minutes of play, let the judge know and they will take down the numbers


After each game there will be a 15 minute break. You may leave gaming during this time but you must be back in time to start the next game as you will not be allowed to jump in a game that has already started.

Questions and Help

Although you can ask other players for help to clarify rules, keep in mind that the players do not have to tell the truth. Judges are impartial. You can ask the judge for help with a rules issue, but the judge will not play your game for you. The judge has final say on any issues that arise.

Scoring and Prizes

For Dominion, DC, and ED, victory points count. For Innovation, the number of achievements count. For each game, the player who came in first gets 10 tournament points, second gets 9, etc. All tournament points will be added at the end of play. You must be present at the end of the tournament to claim a prize. The top 4 players get prizes. Prizes will be claimed round-robin style, with the top player choosing from the prize pile first, then the second place finisher, and so on, until all prizes have been claimed.

Once a prize has been claimed by a player it becomes that player’s property. Players may trade their prizes with others or even give them away. However, no player may sell any prizes while on the hotel premises.

Game Rules

  1. No swearing, fighting, or cheating is allowed. You will be asked to leave if caught.
  2. Games marked as prizes or placed on a shelf marked ‘prizes’ are not to be opened.
  3. You are free to pick any game not designated as a prize and play it in gaming. You may not take the game into another room or outside of sight of gaming.
  4. Remember, these games belong to other people and they are being loaned. Please respect the games and return them in the condition they were in when you took them off the shelf.
  5. Although the game room is in an area that’s open 24 hours, gaming’s hours are from 10am to midnight. Games will be securely stored overnight so please remember that gaming staff will be putting longer games away as the night progresses (You won’t be allowed to start a Power Grid game at 10pm, but you could still play Dominion).
  6. Although food and drink is allowed, there are some rules to be followed this year:
    • No open containers of drinks are allowed in gaming. No cans. Containers with sealed lids are allowed in gaming.
    • Although food is allowed in gaming, you are not allowed to bring food from the consuite up to gaming.
    • Please note that gaming is in an area of the hotel that is considered ‘public’. Please pick up after yourselves and avoid any spillage as carpet cleaning and/or replacement costs are high.

Video Game Area Rules

  1. No fighting, cheating, or swearing allowed. You will be asked to leave if caught.
  2. You are not allowed to change the volume on the televisions.
  3. If you need to change a battery, tell a GM.
  4. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the video game room.
  5. Both systems are off-line. You cannot download content.
  6. There are no save cards.
  7. Please use a guest account (not nagasn xbox live) on the 360.