Boskone 51, NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

Laurie Mann

Laurie Mann Laurie has been attending Boskone since 1975, and has only missed about 3 since then. She co-chaired Boskone 25 (1988) with her husband Jim. Laurie is the director of the Reduced William Shakespeare's Star Wars Reading and has managed the Boskone Web site for five years. She is the Program Division Director for Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane. With Jim, she co-ran the Services division for Noreascon III and the Program Division for MilPhil and ran Program for the 2012 Smofcon. Aside from her fannish hobbies, she runs Websites like Dead People Server and the Worldcon Schedule Archive. She's done a little movie extra work, and shows up as the knitting lady, sitting behind Tom Cruise in the first bus scene in Jack Reacher, as an '80s Republican meeting Channing Tatum in the forthcoming Foxcatcher and as a zombie in The Other Side. She won't say how she saw Boston native Matt Damon in his undershirt...

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