Boskone 51, NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant

Letters to the Pumpkin King Guest of Honor Seanan McGuire has won two Hugo Awards and the Campbell Award. She writes about urban elves, superheroes, monsters and (as Mira Grant) zombies. She is also a cartoonist and a filksinger.

Home Page:
Twitter: seananmcguire

Seanan McGuire's new book, Letters to the Pumpkin King, is available to Boskone members only through Sunday, February 16.
Any remaining copies may be ordered through the NESFA Press site after Boskone.
This is Seanan McGuire's first-ever collection of non-ficion. It contains essays from her popular blog as well as her poetry, reprinted from out-of-print, limited-edition collections.

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