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Con Suite

Con Suite is our hospitality area. Take a right once you're in the Galleria and you'll see it. Stop by for some soda and munchies, to meet new and old friends and have fun!


Information will be inside the door of the Galleria. Information is your place to find answers to your questions. We don't know the ultimate meaning of life, the universe and everything (unless it really is "42"), but we can help you find your way around Boston and Boskone. You'll also be able to drop off items for the convention newsletter, Helmuth. Find something? Drop it off at Information. Lose something? Check with Information first. Stop by the Information desk and see what we can do for you! We also offer sardonic wit, and if we don't know the answer, we'll help you find someone who does!

Newsletter: Helmuth

Helmuth, speaking for Boskone, is the newsletter of Boskone. It's typically published 4 times over Boskone and features updates and changes to the program as well as lists of parties and other news. Copies of Helmuth will be distributed around the hotel: Art Show, Hucksters Room, Con Suite, et al. Helmuth is always looking for line art—bring contributions to Information at-con, or email news or photos to

Use the address to send party news, announcements and other information you'd like to suggest for Helmuth. Leave analog news on paper and drop in the “Got News” basket at Information (Galleria) Boskone will continue to do more with online distribution, so photos/links to photos are especially appreciated.

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