NESFA Computer Committee Goals

(updated 22-JUN-2003 tps)

  1. 1. Determine needs for PC usage at the clubhouse, and upgrade PC hardware so all machines can be used for common tasks. PC Requirements: (see also Dave A's suggested action items for this goal)
    1. Must support PageMaker, PhotoShop, FrontPage and FTP (IRC on 2 PCs in Main Room).
    2. All should have basic office suite and our primary fonts (Adobe Garamond and ??).
    3. Need to be able to access NESFA email service.
    4. Need to support database activities.
    5. USB Support for flexibility in adding and moving external devices such as scanners.
  2. Increase network connections and network services reliability.
    1. Effective printer queues, with clearly named printers.
    2. Consistently manage network resources to eliminate network errors.
  3. Implement secure remote access to data at the clubhouse. (see also Dave A's suggested action items for this goal.)
  4. Implement a new email server. Need to rank requirements, and rate solutions. Some requirements: (see also Dave A's wish list and another issue)
    1. From/To address should be (something) (alias)
    2. Alias should route to 1 or more private email address.
    3. Virus and spam filter.
  5. Implement a new web hosting solution.
    1. Post requirements to geeks email list.
    2. Rank requirements.
    3. Rate solutions against requirements.

Here's a first pass at triaging these goals

Here are some suggestions by Dave A for additional goals.