[Draft – not yet approved by the Computer Committee.]
[After approval this will be announced to the Membership as a Computer Committee fiat.]

Insertions and deletions since the previous version are as marked.

Access to NESFA's Network and Computer resources.

All public information about these resources (e.g., contact information for the provider, account names, the members currently responsible for them, etc.) shall be published on the Current Services page of the Computer Committee section of NESFA's web site. The people currently responsible for each resource shall also be listed there.

Secret access information (e.g., passwords) for each resource shall be written down, sealed in an envelope, labeled, and put in the Computer Committee safe as well as being told to all people who need to know it. In an emergency, any member of the E-Board or of the Computer or Web Committees can provide access to this safe.

Whenever such an envelope is opened, a brief report should be sent to the 'geeks' mailing list as soon as possible. The secret information should be resealed and returned to the safe so it remains available in case of a further emergency.

Passwords should be changed promptly when they become known to somebody who should not know them. Most passwords should also be changed periodically. Whoever changes a password is responsible for disseminating notice of the change.

Last updated 30 July 2006 by Dave Anderson