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Bimbo on the Cover

by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Published May 2016
Originally Published May 2016
“There’s a bimbo on the cover of the book. She is blonde and she is sexy; She is nowhere in … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

Velveteen vs. The Seasons

by Seanan McGuire
Published May 2016
Originally Published May 2016
A doorway opens in mid-air. The body of a woman falls to the ground and lies there unmoving as the …

Harvest Season

An Anthology by the SF Squeecast

by Catherynne M. Valente & Michael Damian Thomas & Seanan McGuire & Elizabeth Bear
Published November 2014
The cold is coming. An orange harvest moon rises above the horizon and the chill air carries the promise of … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

The Goblin Master’s Grimoire

by Jim C. Hines
Published November 2013
Originally Published November 2013
A heroic goblin? Who ever heard of such a thing? Jim Hines did. And in this collection, you’ll meet the …

Velveteen vs. The Multiverse

by Seanan McGuire
Published August 2013
Originally Published August 2013
He was the last great hero of his generation. Velma Martinez — Velveteen — had never intended to be a …

Velveteen vs. The Junior Super-Patriots

by Seanan McGuire
Published November 2012
Originally Published November 2012
Velveteen: How dare you? I never asked for you to hunt me down! No, Velma Martinez hadn’t. But when you …

Win Some, Lose Some

by Mike Resnick
Published August 2012
Originally Published August 2012
Between 1989 and 2012, a span of 23 years, the members of the World Science Fiction Society have seen fit … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($35.00)

Aurora in Four Voices

by Catherine Asaro
Published June 2012
Originally Published June 2012
Aurora in Four Voices brings to life the worlds of Catherine Asaro. A convicted murderer trying to escape the misery … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

Assassin and Other Stories

by Steven Barnes
Published November 2010
Originally Published November 2010
After Abdul-Wahid saw his parents killed by Crusaders, he and his foster brother fled the ruins of their village and … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

The Shadow on the Doorstep

by James P. Blaylock
Published November 2009
Originally Published November 2009
The Author’s Personal Favorites of his own Short Fiction, plus an Introduction by Tim Powers and an Afterword by Lewis … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

When Diplomacy Fails

edited by Eric Flint & Mike Resnick
Published November 2008
Originally Published November 2008
Grunts, Tommies, Gropos, Dogfaces. Whatever you call them, these are the men, women, and aliens who fight the wars the … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

Finding Magic

by Tanya Huff
Published November 2007
Originally Published November 2007
Tanya Huff has personally selected these seventeen pieces for Finding Magic, her fourth short story collection. They showcase her amazing … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches

edited by Mike Resnick & Joe Siclari
Published August 2007
Originally Published August 2007
“Fellow Science Fiction Fans: I am mighty glad to be here among as fine a crowd of live-wires and go-getters … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($30.00)

Every Inch a King

by Harry Turtledove
Published November 2005
Originally Published November 2005
It’s Good to Be the King. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere and when Otto of Schlepsig sees … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)

The Cunning Blood

by Jeff Duntemann
Published November 2005
Originally Published November 2005
Peter Novilio was going to Hell. Caught violating the zero tolerance for Violence laws, he was sentenced to a one … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($28.00)


by Robert J. Sawyer
Published November 2004
Originally Published November 2004
Robert J. Sawyer established his reputation as a fine novelist when he burst on the science fiction scene with Golden … Purchase Hardcover (Trade) ($25.00)