Concordance to Cordwainer Smith

compiled by Anthony R. Lewis

updated 10 May 2001

nominated for the 2000 Hugo Award
in the Related Book Category

Concordance to Cordwainer Smith cover Cover designed by Alice N. S. Lewis

Third, revised edition, 2000

Trade paperback, ISBN: 1-886778-25-6, published September 2000, $13.00

5.5"x8.75", 190 pages.

Cover photograph courtesy of Linebarger's older daughter, Rosana Hart, who has a web site dedicated to her father at

Excerpts from Concordance to Cordwainer Smith (letters "A" & "R") are available.

Cordwainer Smith's universe of the Instrumentality is one of the most complex, beautiful and fascinating every created. The Concordance to Cordwainer Smith lists and identifies all the people, places, and things in his huge future history. Where known, the origin of the name, place, or thing is given. Many previously unknown references have been added as well as entries from the revised version of “War No. 81-Q.”. The book also includes an annotated timeline of the Instrumentality, and an expanded and updated bibliography to the fiction of Paul M. A. Linebarger (Cordwainer Smith, et al.).

Cordwainer Smith was the SF pseudonym of Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, a specialist on Asian affairs and a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

This third edition is a revised and expanded version which previously appeared as an 8.5"x11" GBC-bound booklet.

NESFA Press publishes the complete Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith in The Rediscovery of Man and Norstrilia.

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