Noreascon Awards Record jacket


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ISBN: none
Published: 1973

Produced by William Desmond
Jacket artwork by Don Simpson

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fax: 617-776-3243

Jacket artwork by Don Simpson. Dust jacket silkscreened at M.I.T. by Bob Wiener with help from Bill Desmond. Interior photos printed on M.I.T. Architecture Department Press by Bob Wiener.

300 copies, $5.98, raised to $6.00 March 1975, 1973

Noreascon [I] records. This is a set of two long-playing records of the Awards Banquet at the 1971 World Science Fiction Convention in Boston. The Toastmaster for the function was Robert Silverberg. In addition to the speeches by Guest of Honor Clifford D. Simak and Fan Guest of Honor Harry Warner, Jr., there is a eulogy for John Campbell given by Lester del Rey. Other speeches were given by the TAFF delegate (Mario Bosnyak) and the Bob Shaw Fan Fund winner (Bob Shaw). Awards were presented for First Fandom (received by Philinda Hammond for late father, John W. Campbell) and the P.A.T. Terry Award for Humour in SF. The Hugo Awards were presented by Isaac Asimov.