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The Consciousness Plague

by Paul Levinson

Tor, 2002, ISBN 0-765-30098-2

A book review by Elisabeth Carey

This is the second Phil D'Amato mystery novel. It has all the virtues of the first one, and it's much better integrated--no weird diversions through other stories which happen to contain crucial information. In the wake of a flu epidemic, treated by a new antibiotic that is actually effective in shortening the length and lessening the severity of the disease, there's an epidemic of short-term amnesia. It moves from the level of annoying to the level of serious problem when it starts to interfere with the investigation of an apparent serial killer. D'Amato battles his own and others' unreliable memories, one or more killers, and city and federal bureacracy and politics in pursuit of the solution to both mysteries. Highly enjoyable.

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