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Forests of the Heart

by Charles de Lint

Tor Books, 2001, ISBN: 0312875681

A book review by Elisabeth Carey

Another novel set in Newford, this time involving Irish wolf critters who want to displace the native Indian spirits and seize magical control of the land. The major human players this time are Bettina San Miguel, an Indian healer from the American s outhwest; Ellie Jones, an artist who works nights on aid to the homeless for "the Grasso Street Angel"; Tommy Raven, a Kickaha Indian; Hunter Cole, owner of Gypsy Records; his employee Miki Greer, and her brother Donal; and assorted Creek sisters, the aunt s of Tommy Raven. Most of the heavy action takes place during the ice storm that shut down much of eastern Canada a few years ago.

This is a de Lint Newford fantasy; each of the characters has to confront his or her own personal demons in uncomfortably real form, and either learn from the experience, or not. It's well done, and the language is very nice, and there's nothing here that de Lint hasn't done before. A satisfying but not significant book.

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