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The Lost Steersman

by Rosemary Kirstein

Ballantine/Del Rey, 2003, ISBN 0-345-46229-7

A book review by Elisabeth Carey

This is the decade-late sequel to The Steerswoman and The Outskirter's Secret. Bel and Rowan have split up to pursue different parts of the problem threatening their world, and Rowan's part is to track down a missing steersman who may have found some crucial information about the wizards' activities. This takes her to the secondary archives, whose keeper has recently died and not yet been replaced, and who, it turns out, had been very lax for years before her death. It also sends her on a lonely and dangerous journey into regions never colonized by humans, where the planet's native life still holds sway. It is, again, an interesting, exciting story, even though it goes in a totally different direction than what might have been anticipated.

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