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Mists of Everness

by John C. Wright

Tor, 2005, ISBN 0-765-31333-2

A book review by Elisabeth Carey

This is the conclusion of the story begun in The Last Guardian of Everness. There is no easy way to summarize the plot, but the struggle to prevent the Darkness from taking over the Earth without calling in the Armies of Light (thus creating a "perfect" pastoral and static world), continues. Peter, Raven, Galen, Wendy, a brave little mouse, and other unlikely characters, all learn new things about what they are and aren't capable of. (Raven also discovers the great advantages of consulting a librarian, but nobody cares about that so I won't mention it at all.) Oberon and Titania get their licks in, and Wendy's finally puts in an unambiguous appearance, scrambling to prevent the start of a nuclear war in the Pacific and then to prevent (or undo) a coup by the tools of the Power of Darkness in Washington. And those aren't even the important battles.

It's all very exciting, and, as always with Wright, very beautifully written—wonderfully easy to lose yourself in.

Highly recommended.

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