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Reaper Man

by Terry Pratchett

HarperTorch, 2002 [1991], ISBN 0-06-102062-1

A book review by Elisabeth Carey

The Auditors are busy again, and Death doesn't take a holiday; he gets fired, for various offenses including being too whimsical. He finds a new identity as Bill Door, and new work as farm hand for Miss Flitworth. But a world without Death is a world where the dead get no rest, and don't get out of the way of the living, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. This can't be tolerated. Numerous lesser Deaths present themselves, taking on parts of the Death franchise, until finally a new Death appears--and goes about his job in a shockingly over-dramatic and irresponsible way. This really can't be tolerated, and Bill Door reluctantly prepares to meet Death and set things to rights.

Death is one of my favorite Discworld characters; you shouldn't miss this one.

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