NESFA Members' Reviews

The following are reviews by Evelyn C. Leeper

Anderson, Kevin J.
War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches
Anthony, Patricia
Barnes, John
One For the Morning Glory
Bear, Greg
Dinosaur Summer
Boyett, Steven R.
Treks Not Taken
Brust, Steven
The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars
Brust, Steven & Bull, Emma
Freedom & Necessity
Bujold, Lois McMaster
Carroll, Jerry Jay
Top Dog
Conroy, Robert
Dann, Jack
The Memory Cathedral
de Camp, L. Sprague
Lest Darkness Fall
Dreyfuss, Richard & Turtledove, Harry
The Two Georges
Egan, Greg
Permutation City
Esquivel, Laura
The Law of Love
Evans, David
Time Station London
Friesner, Esther
Child of the Eagle
The Psalms of Herod
Fry, Stephen
Making History
Garcia y Robertson, R.
The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures
Garfinkle, Richard
Celestial Matters
Garner, James Finn
Once Upon a More Enlightened Time
Gilman, Laura Anne & DeCandido, Keith R. A. (ed)
Gingrich, Newt & Forstchen, William R.
Goldstein, Lisa
Walking the Labyrinth
Gordon, Deborah
Runaway Time
Greenberg, Martin H. (ed)
Celebrity Vampires
White House Horrors
Haldeman, Joe
Forever Peace
Harrison, Harry
The Year 2000
Heimerdinger, Chris
Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
Hoban, Russel
Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer
(Three books)
Jacobson, Dan
The God-Fearer
Kaye, Marvin
Resurrected Holmes
Kelly, James Patrick
Think Like a Dinosaur
Kessel, John
Corrupting Dr. Nice
Kurtz, Katherine
Two Crowns for America
Mason, Lisa
The Golden Nineties
McAuley, Paul J.
Pasquale's Angel
McDonald, Ian
Evolution's Shore
Miller, Walter M., Jr.
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
Morrow, James
Bible Stories for Adults
Blameless in Abaddon
Nagata, Linda
Nasir, Jamil
The Higher Space
Newman, Kim
Famous Monsters
Nielsen Hayden, Patrick, ed.
Starlight 1
Noon, Jeff
Automated Alice
Partridge, Norman
It Came From the Drive-In
Priest, Christopher
The Prestige
Pulphouse - Pulhouse # 18
Resnick, Mike (ed)
Alternate Tyrants
Alternate Worldcons and Again, Alternate Worldcons
Resnick, Mike and Nielsen Hayden, Patrick
Alternate Skiffy
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Blue Mars
Roszak, Theodore
Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein
Sawyer, Robert J.
Factoring Humanity
Illegal Alien
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann
Past Lives, Future Tense
Sheffield, Charles
Tomorrow & Tomorrow
Shelley, Mary
The Last Man
Sherman, Josepha and De Candido, Keith A. (ed.)
Urban Nightmares
Silverberg, Robert
Somtow, S. P.
Darker Angels
Steele, Allen
All-American Alien Boy
Turner, Jim (ed.)
Eternal Lovecraft
Turtledove, Harry
Alternate Generals
Worldwar: Striking the Balance
Updike, John - T
oward the End of Time
Verne, Jules
Paris in the Twentieth Century
Vidal, Gore
The Smithsonian Institution
Vitola, Denise
Quantum Moon
Weis, Margaret
Fantastic Alice
Werber, Bernard
Empire of the Ants
Willis, Connie
Fire Watch
Wilson, Robert Charles
Wood, N. Lee
Looking for the Mahdi

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