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coverThe Last Hero

by Terry Pratchett

A book review by Mark L. Olson

HarperCollins, 2001, 160 pp, $35.00

This is a larger, lavishly- (and well-) illustrated, expensive book about Cohen the Barbarian's attack on the gods of Discworld. Cohen, you may recall, is Discworld's oldest barbarian hero, in his 90s now and still going strong. In fact, all the members who are left from his barbarian horde and a bit elderly. He's left his throne and is off on one last adventure: to carry fire back to the gods in the form of a large bomb.

The problem is that if he succeeds, it will interrupt the magic that makes Discworld possible and be the end of all life.

The Patrician hears about this and decides to act: He sends Capt. Carrot, Rincewind, and Leonard of Quirm to the home of the gods in the center of the Discworld in a flying vehicle that Leonard has designed.

As always, it's a good story, and this one's illustrated by some truly superb pictures by the talented Paul Kidby.

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