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Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion

by James Gifford

A book review by Mark L. Olson

Nitrosyncretic Press, 2000, 282 pp, $50.00

Nitrosyncretic Press is a micro-press, evidently created specifically to publish this book. Though it's hard to find, the book is worth getting -- it's obviously a labor of love by a hard-core Heinlein fan.

The main part of the book is an alphabetic listing of each story, novel, or article RAH published with commentary on each: A brief (sometimes very brief) review followed by a section called "Curiosities & Anomalies" which are some of the best parts: notes about the writing, oddities of the publication, RAH anecdotes associated with the story, and denials of calumnies against The Master.

Also included is an introductory essay, a possibly complete list of the Heinlein Opus, lists of specialty items like speeches, introductions, footnotes, a detailed chronology, etc.

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