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coverThe Well of Lost Plots

by Jasper Fforde

A book review by Mark L. Olson

Hoddor & Stoughton 2003, £10.99, 370 pp

This is the third Thursday Next book (after The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book) and it continues the story: Thursday is pregnant, but her husband has been erased from history by rogue members of the Chronoguard. She has withdrawn into an unpublished book to live until the baby is born, but events follow her into literature and Thursday finds herself under the tutelage of Miss Havisham (of Great Expectations fame) being trained as an agent of Jurisfiction, the law enforcement agency within fiction.

Much entertaining cleverness ensues, such as Miss Havisham's taste for forbidden pleasures such as racing fast cars – she's been Mr. Toad's rival for years.

The entire series is a wonderful feast of inventiveness and well worth reading. I'd take them in order, I think – this book would be pretty confusing without its predecessor, etc.

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