Updates approved by the Rules Committee, reported to the February Business Meeting

IM #713 1/08/2003

MSP that the NESFA Treasurer, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall set NESFA's check approval policy. [The Rules Committee is directed to report an update based on this at the February meeting.]

Proposed change

Add new section 1.3(3)M: The Treasurer, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall set a general check approval policy for all payments to NESFA in any of its guises and may set additional policies for specific circumstances or events. [1/03; see also 2.7(3).]

Issue raised at the January Business Meeting

Mark Olson proposed that NESFA adopt as its official motto "We Might Need That" or "Don't Throw That Away -- We Might Need That," made to appear suitably sercon by translation into Latin. This was referred to the Rules Committee for perfection. [George Flynn provided translations: "Forsan illo egebimus" ("Perhaps we will need that") and "Noli* illud abicere, ne [forsan] eo egeamus" ("Don't throw that away, lest [perhaps] we need it"). [*Noli singular, Nolite plural.] The Rules Committee feels that the first, shorter version falls more trippingly from the tongue.]

Proposed change

Add new section 5.7: Miscellaneous Provisions

Add new section 5.7(1)M: NESFA's Official Motto is "Forsan illo egebimus." [1/03; translation by George Flynn. Original English text "We might need that", backtranslation from the Latin "Perhaps we will need that."]

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