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Gaming runs throughout Boskone in the back of the Galleria Ballroom (behind the Hucksters Room).

Boskone Gaming Schedule


5pm Illuminati
The classic game of conspiracy with all three decks and the bonus pack.

7pm 7 Wonders
Try out one of the hottest games on the market as you race to build up your empire whilst trying not to give your opponents the chance to. A game of manipulation and just a tad of luck.

9pm 3 Dragon Ante
A wonderful take on the game of poker.


10am Frag
Based on the video game Quake Arena, this is a board game version of a first-person shooter. All the weapons, all the power-ups, and all the action you could hope for.

1pm Guru of the Game Room Tournament
Munchkin, Dominion, 7 Wonders, and 3 Dragon Ante.

8pm Collateral Damage
You're a yakuza boss using anime based characters as your henchmen to take over Neo-Tokyo. Things change, though, when the characters start falling in love and following their hearts instead of your orders. A hilarious game of planning and management. No anime experience required.
Note: you must be 15 years of age to play this game.


10pm Innovation
Build up your empire through the ages using the innovations on the cards. Be very careful, though, that you don't help your opponents whilst helping yourself.

12pm Munchkin Brawl
All the madness! All the mayhem! All the cards! It's back and this time in stereo. That's right, once again there will be two Munchkin games running simultaneously using the same decks. Each player is allowed 2 cheats.

Game Room Rules

  1. Scheduled games get priority. If there is a game scheduled to be played on a table please make sure you end any game you're playing on the table before the scheduled game starts.
  2. You may borrow any of the games in the bins to play. They may be played on a table in gaming or in the con suite. You may not take a game outside of the ballroom. Food and drinks are allowed in gaming but please make sure to avoid spills and to clean up after yourself when you finish. Remember, if you ruin a game, you bought the game.
  3. You may not change the volume on the televisions.
  4. Please ask a Gaming staff member if you need the batteries changed in a controller. You may bring in your own controller to use on a video game system if you wish, however, Gaming assumes no responsibility for said equipment.
  5. No kicking, punching, swearing, or cheating allowed. Do so and you will be asked to leave.
  6. The Red Line of Death may have moved but it's still in effect. Yes, this overrides rule 3. The line will form a barrier around the video game table, of which no food or drinks are allowed. The first time you cross the line you will be told, loudly, not to do that. If you do it a second time you will be asked to leave Gaming.

Guru of the Game Room Tournament

This tournament will consist of the following 4 games:

Each player will get to play each game at least once. Each table will have 60 minutes to play each game. If you finish the game within the time limit, then points will be awarded according to who won and placed. If the game is not finished at the end of 60 minutes then points are awarded based solely on a players place at the end of 60 minutes.

There will be a 15 minute break between each game to allow for clean-up and set-up. Total time commitment you must give this tournament is 5 hours.

Please be in the game room by 12:45pm on Saturday if you plan on playing. Sign-up is highly encouraged as there are a limited amount of spots for this tournament. At 1pm on Saturday, names will be called and assigned to tables. If you're not in the room and your name is called, the seat may be given up to a person who wants to play but did not sign-up. If you show up late and there is a seat still open, you will miss the first game and be placed in the second game. This is not recommended as you are guaranteeing you will not receive at least 5 points and will put yourself at high risk of not winning one of the prize piles.

During the breaks between games, players are allowed to leave the room for 15 minutes but you must be back in the room in exactly 15 minutes when the next game starts.

Players will earn points based on how they placed in each game. Winner or person in the lead takes 10. Second gets 9. Third gets 8, etc. The 4 highest totals at the end of 4 games (highest possible score is 40 points) win a prize pile.

Players may ask for help from other players but no player is required to help anyone else, nor are they required to give correct information. If you need help with something and don't want to ask the players or don't trust the info, ask the GM, who is neutral and will give you an honest answer to your question. Keep in mind, however, that the GM will not play the game for you.

No swearing, no cheating, no fights, and the GM's word is law on rules. No house rules allowed.

Good luck to all and to all some great gaming!