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NESFA, founded in 1967, is one of the oldest science fiction clubs in New England. Our largest activities are Boskone, our annual convention, and NESFA Press.

The NESFA Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest for 2014 is now closed. The winners were announced at Boskone 52, February 13–15, 2015.

Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Media Day, Mar 29, 2 pm to 10 pm at the clubhouse.
  • Games day, Apr 11, noon to midnight at the clubhouse.
  • NESFA Business Meeting, Apr 12, 2 pm at the clubhouse.
  • NESFA Reading Group, Apr 17, 7 pm to 10 pm at the clubhouse.
    •  Topic:  Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett.
  • Cleaning work session, Apr 17, 10 am at the clubhouse.

Please see our Calendar for more items.

NESFA Subscribing Membership dues: $16 per year. Anyone can join!

For more information about NESFA, please write us at NESFA, PO Box 809, Framingham, MA 01701 or email us at or call us at 617-625-2311 or fax us at 617-776-3243.

February 19-21, 2016
Westin Waterfront, Boston, MA

Garth Nix
Richard Anderson
Arnie & Cathy Fenner
Vixy & Tony
Bob Eggleton

Special Early Registration

New From NESFA Press:
A Bicycle Built for Brew, by Poul Anderson