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The publishing pseudopod of the New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.


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About NESFA Press

We primarily produce three types of books:

  • Books honoring the guest(s) of honor at our annual convention, Boskone®, and at some Worldcons and other conventions.
  • Books in the NESFA's Choice series, which bring back into print the works of deserving classic SF writers such as Roger Zelazny, Cordwainer Smith, Zenna Henderson, Poul Anderson, C. M. Kornbluth, and James Schmitz.
  • Reference books of science fiction and science fiction fandom.

We have an email list to announce publication of new items by NESFA Press. If you would like to be on this list, please subscribe using this form.

NESFA previously offered a number of titles from Advent:Publishers (some of which are available at ReAnimus Press) and from the Hyperion Press Classics of Science Fiction line, but these books are no longer available through us.

Fred Lerner kindly put together an index of the table of contents of the NESFA's Choice Poul Anderson collection. Anderson Index

<At the 2008 Hugo Awards ceremony, Denvention 3 presented a Special Committee Award to NESFA Press for keeping great SF in print.

NESFA congratulates Lois McMaster Bujold for winning the 2017 Best Series Hugo The Vorkosigan Saga. NESFA Press editions are available.

A translation of Charles Harness's novel The Paradox Men, which is included in the NESFA Press collection, Rings, was nominated for the 2020 Seuin Award as translated by Tohru Nakamura.

Our current ebook story

There are several issues in producing ebooks: acquiring electronic rights, creation of the ebooks, and distribution.

  • We expect to acquire electronic rights for new projects.
  • Electronic rights to most of our older books were not a consideration when we negotiated the right to print our high-quality hardcover editions. We are working to obtain the electronic rights to our older books, where we can.
  • Some of our books are now available electronically from other sources, arranged directly by the authors or their estates. Dealing with printing, stocking and distributing physical books is not something the average author wants to handle, but ebooks are easier to produce and distribute. We may never be able to provide ebooks for many of our older books.
  • As an all-volunteer organization, we are working to create a low-maintenance production process for ebooks for which we can get the rights. That is coming as soon as we can line up all the people points to produce it.
  • Stay tuned!

Ordering from NESFA Press

Since we’ve been unable to keep up with the changes to USPS shipping, we no longer accept orders through our legacy paper order form. Please visit the NESFA Press Online Store.

You may pay for your purchases by check, by most major credit cards, or via PayPal. Orders typically take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

Note: Due to rate increases from the US Postal Service, we are discontinuing the rates for International surface shipping.

Write to:
PO Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701-0809

Wholesale and bookstore terms.

NESFA Press Archive

We have a NESFA Press Archive which contains information about out-of-print NESFA Press books, complete lists of NESFA Press books, lists of all books currently available from NESFA and other information of historical interest.

See the NESFA Press Style Guide.