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Work and socializing aren’t the only things going on at the clubhouse. The club membership includes a large number of gamers and NESFA has embraced this to allow for limited gaming on Wednesday evenings and more general game days twice per month.

There are many games available to play, and the library grows larger every year. Some are owned by NESFA. Some are owned by individual club members who allow NESFA to use their games. The library contains easy games, hard games, complicated games, short games, and long games. There is something for everyone, so please come and join us for all the fun.

The favorite card game of all club members is Dominion, and we have multiple sets of each expansion, so multiple games can be run at the same time. Dominion is usually played on Wednesday nights, assuming that space is available (where Wednesday night is also a NESFA work night, the work takes priority).

On two Sundays each month (except January and February), the club hosts a game day open to the public. The dates are posted in our calendar. A wide variety of games are available to play for all tastes and abilities. If you don’t know how to play a particular game, there are plenty of others who will be happy to teach you. If you’d like to bring in a game to show us how to play it, please do as we’re always willing to learn how to play new games. There’s never any charge to play, nor do you have to be a member, nor do you have to join. All you have to do is request a seat (by sending an email to, show up, and open the door.

There are also video games, featuring a Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, and PS4, each with a wide selection of games.

NESFA members may use the games during any Club night (Wednesdays, in pre-pandemic times), after a scheduled event at the NESFA Clubhouse has finished (and the organizers have found a NESFA Key-Holder to stay afterward), or on a day of the week shown as unscheduled on the NESFA Calendar.

Gaming at the Clubhouse may not interfere with any scheduled event or work session, or any activity for which the clubhouse was reserved at least a day in advance by email posted to the NESFA Active email list. Only current registered NESFA Members may ask to borrow games, with the written consent of the current Gaming Coordinator, who can be contacted at:

Attendance in the Clubhouse requires proof of vaccination and the use of masks (there are masks available). There is no eating or drinking inside. On days with good weather, a table will be available outside.