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Committees and Other Positions

Appointments to committees and other positions were made in June 2023 unless a different date is shown as [mm/yy]. In most cases, their terms expire when their successors are appointed, usually at the next June Business Meeting; when there is some other known expiration date, it is indicated as [to mm/yy]. Some relatively quiet positions may have been “held over” (and so marked) from previous years.

We also keep an extensive history of committee memberships.

Standing Committees:

Clubhouse Committee (clubhouse-committee[at]

Rick Kovalcik(c), Dave Anderson, David G. Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Michael Kerpan, Robert Luoma, Kelly Persons, Tim Szczesuil

Finance Committee[3frt] (finance-committee[at]

Tim Szczesuil(c), Ann Broomhead(x), David G. Grubbs, Suford Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky, Boskone 61 Treasurer (Judy Bemis), former Boskone and NESFA Treasurers as needed

Hotel Committee (hotel-committee[at]

Gay Ellen Dennett(c), Rick Kovalcik, Paul Kraus, Jim Mann, Ben Yalow

IT Committee [a.k.a. Computer, Web, Geeks] (geeks[at]

Sharon Sbarsky(c), Dave Anderson, Wes Brodsky, Louis Galvez, David G. Grubbs, Mike Kerpan, Rick Kovalcik, Tony Lewis, Robert Luoma, Mary Olszowka, Peter Olszowka, Tim Szczesuil

Webmasters: David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik

Email Administrators: David G. Grubbs, Rick Kovalcik, Sharon Sbarsky

Library Committee (library[at]

Mike Kerpan(c), Dave Anderson, Wes Brodsky, Gay Ellen Dennett, Chip Hitchcock, Paula Lieberman, Robert Luoma, Kelly Persons, Kristin Seibert

Donations & Extras: Mike Kerpan

Catalog: Mike Kerpan, Kristin Seibert

Membership Committee[3rsb] (memb-committee[at]

Wes Brodsky(c), Dave Cantor, Lis Carey, Gay Ellen Dennett, Sharon Sbarsky

Nominating Committee[j] (nominating-committee[at]

Sharon Sbarsky(c), Mike Kerpan, Tim Szczesuil

Rules Committee[3orsb] (rules-committee[at]

Dave Anderson(c), Tony Lewis, Joe Ross

Outreach Committee (incl. Recruitment & WIndow Display) (outreach-committee[at]

Kristin Seibert(c), Mike Kerpan

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Social Media

Facebook Page: Mike Kerpan, Rick Kovalcik, Sharon Sbarsky, Kristin Seibert

Meet-Up: TBD

Live Journal: Rick Kovalcik

Insurance Committee

Dave Cantor


Halloween Party: TBD

NESFA Picnic: Gay Ellen Dennett(l), Rick Kovalcik, Joe Ross, Dale Farmer

Media Days: Mike Kerpan(l)

Game Days: TBD

NESFA Reading Group: David G. Grubbs

NESFA Writes: Louis Galvez


Boskone Database Maintainer:

Dave Cantor

Boskone 61 Chair

Mike Kerpan

Boskone 61 Treasurer

Judy Bemis

Boskone 62 Chair

Joni Dashoff

Boskone 62 Treasurer


Internet Management:

DNS administrator

Dave Anderson, David G. Grubbs

Domain Registration

Dave Anderson

ISP Contacts:

Dreamhost (DNS, email, website, Domain Registration)

David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik, Dave Anderson

Joel Lord (mailing lists)

Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik, David G. Grubbs

RCN [now Accord] (connectivity)

Dave Anderson

Telephony contacts:

Vonage account (voice line)

Dave Anderson

eFax account (Fax line)

Dave Anderson

Other Positions:


Kelly Persons (Asst. Archivist: Suford Lewis)

Fellowship of NESFA Administrator

Joe Ross

Gaughan Award Administrator (gaughan[at]

Sharon Sbarsky(l)

Gaughan Award Judges[a]

Sara Felix, Lauren Panepinto, John Picacio


Rick Kovalcik

MCFI Liaison

Rick Kovalcik

Online Liaison (info[at]

Rick Kovalcik, Sharon Sbarsky

Procurement (procurement[at]

Dave Anderson(l), Dale Farmer, Rick Kovalcik

Short Story Contest (storycontest[at]

Steven Lee(c); First Round Readers: Chip Hitchcock, Ann Crimmins; Final Judges: Brad Lyau (B61 Special Guest), John Scalzi (B61 NESFA Press Guest); Admin/email aide: David G. Grubbs

Skylark Award Administrator (skylark[at]

Tony Lewis

Worldcon Liaison

Sharon Sbarsky

NESFA Press:


David G. Grubbs

Business/Production Manager

Tim Szczesuil

Amazon.Com Database Updates

Tim Szczesuil

Baker & Taylor Database Updates

Tony Lewis [held over]

Bowker Database Updates

Tony Lewis [held over]

Sending out review books:


Primary Book &/or Dustjacket Designer

David G. Grubbs, Matt Smaldone

Book Editors:

David G. Grubbs, Tony Lewis, Jim Mann, Tim Szczesuil

Boskone Book:

[None this year]

Boskone Book Advance Orders

Gay Ellen Dennett

NESFA Sales:


Tim Szczesuil(c), Judy Bemis, Sharon Sbarsky, David G. Grubbs

Mail Order (sales[at]

Tim Szczesuil, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik

Credit card processing

Sharon Sbarsky & the usual suspects

Ecommerce / Miva

Sharon Sbarsky, Tim Szczesuil

PSS Driving

David G. Grubbs, Tim Szczesuil

Stock Room Organizing

Robert Luoma, Kelly Persons

Speaker to

Tim Szczesuil

At-Con Sales

Boskone 60

Suford Lewis

Boskone 61

Suford Lewis


[Note: When removing entries from this file, add the names/dates/etc. to]

+: both explicitly appointed and an ex-officio member.

3: requires at least three members (in addition to any ex-officio members).

5: appointments to be made in June, July, or August of the second calendar year prior to the Boskone.

a: requires approval by the Membership to appoint or remove.

b: no one may serve on both the Membership and Rules Committees.

c: committee chair.

f: requires approval by the Membership to appoint or remove; removal requires a secret ballot.

i: interim appointment made due to vacancies caused by previous incumbents having been elected to office.

l: lead person for activity

j: appointments to be made no later than the first meeting in January.

o: must not be an Officer.

r: must be a Regular Member.

s: requires approval by the Membership by secret ballot to appoint or remove.

t: includes the NESFA Treasurer and all active Boskone® treasurers as ex-officio members.

x: an ex-officio member who was not explicitly appointed.