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Media Days

NESFA® Media Days

NESFA is proud to announce that it is now hosting monthly media days, and also occasional media evenings or marathons.

Since August 2012, on one Saturday or Sunday each month, NESFA presents a celebration of SF media where anime, television, and movies are showcased. A wide range of material will be shown over time, from the SF serials of old to recent blockbusters off the big screen.

Media days will usually start at 2 pm, and times for other media events will be announced (marathon sessions will generally start much earlier; see our calendar). All media events are open house, so anyone can attend at no charge; you do not have to join the club (although you may subject yourself to the nickel tour of the clubhouse ^_^).

The current program for media days is:

The anime and television shows will usually be episodes of a series, with a complete season spread out over as many media days as needed. But don't fret—if you join the club, you can borrow the DVDs for any episodes you missed.

Please note that although we will never show adult movies, some of what we show will be rated R. If you plan to bring children, please check on what is being shown to make sure you are OK with them seeing what will be on the screen. NESFA can not be responsible for what unattended children see.

All you have to do is come to our clubhouse at 504 Medford Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, and open the door. See you there.

If you must arrive late, please enter through the back door (accessible through our parking area off Lowell Street) so you don't interrupt the program.