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Below is a list of all NESFA mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription.

Note that the only list that is truly public is press-announce. All others are for NESFA members only. If you are interested in joining NESFA, see our membership page.

If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact



NESFA Announcement lists:
press-announce NESFA Press Announcement Mailing List
  New publications from NESFA Press will be posted here.
nesfa-announce NESFA Announcement Mailing List
  Mailing list for infrequent important announcements to NESFAns.
boskone-announce Boskone Announcement Mailing List
  Mailing list for important announcements about Boskone. This list should reach all Boskone volunteers, helpers, staff members, and committee members.
im-announce NESFA Instant Message Announcement Mailing List
  New editions of NESFA’s club newsletter, Instant Message, will be announced here. See more about it.
im-pdf NESFA Instant Message PDF Broadcast Mailing List
  New editions of NESFA’s club newsletter, Instant Message will be posted here, in PDF format. See more about it.
NESFA Discussion lists:
nesfa-open NESFA Open Mailing List
  For general discussion of topics that support NESFA’s goals. This list is open to any NESFA member. Inflammatory discussions will be moderated.
nesfa-active NESFA Active Members Mailing List
  For discussion among those involved in NESFA activities (including NESFA Press). This list is intended for people who are actively participating in NESFA. For more general discussion among NESFA members, see the nesfa-open mailing list.
nesfa-regular NESFA Regular Member Mailing List
  This list is limited to NESFA Regular members only for when issues to be voted on need to be discussed.
boskone-discuss Boskone Discussion Mailing List
  This is the place for discussion of Boskone issues, among the Boskone volunteers, helpers, staff, and committee. Everyone on this list is necessarily on the boskone-announce mailing list. Email for more information about Boskone.
reading-group NESFA Reading Group Mailing List
  This list is used to contact members of the NESFA reading group. Meetings where we discuss previously chosen books are scheduled using Meetup. Book discussions occur during monthly meetings, not here on this list.
NESFA Committee Mailing lists:
clubhouse-committee NESFA Clubhouse Committee
finance-committee NESFA Finance Committee
geeks NESFA Geeks aka Computer Committee and friends
  The NESFA Geeks list consists of the Computer Committee plus other people who are interested in NESFA’s Computer & Internet Usage.
hotel-committee NESFA Hotel Committee
memb-committee NESFA Membership Committee
rules-committee NESFA Rules Committee
web-committee NESFA Web Committee

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