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Members and Officers

NESFA’s membership is world-wide, but most of the active members are in Eastern Massachusetts

The Current Officers and Assistants

(Term: May 2023–May 2024; Officers limited to three consecutive years. The four officers together form the eboard. We also keep a history of NESFA officers.)

President: Rick Kovalcik

Vice President: Sharon Sbarsky

Treasurer: Ann Broomhead
Clerk: Robert Luoma


Many NESFAns have their own home pages and/or LiveJournals. Others have given us permission to publish their reviews and fanzines on the web. Various NESFAns are also active in other Massachusetts organizations and conventions such as Costumecon, MCFI, MASSFILC, Arisia, and Readercon.

Committee Members and Other Positions

Here is a list of the current committee members and other appointees.

The Rules Committee

A committee of Regular Members who are not Officers, with several statutory duties, currently engaged in these activities.