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Art Show

This year's Art Show will showcase original works by Official Artists Chuck Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang, in addition to artists from the New England states and beyond. The show will have 100 panels plus about a dozen tables for 3-D work, mostly dedicated to selling items by written bid. Art Show Sales occur from 1–3 PM on Sunday. Bidding closes at noon. Please check any art you bid on during sales hours, and complete purchases by 3 PM! The Art Show will also include a Print Shop, with hundreds of reproductions available for immediate sale, and a resale area where anyone may enter previously-purchased items that they wish to sell.

Boskone 52 Artists

Panels & tables in the Boskone 52 Art Show are currently sold out.

Please email for more information.

Artist Paperwork & Information

If you would like the nice printed version (on thicker paper), log in at and then click "checkin artwork" on the lefthand menu. You may add, subtract, or otherwise alter artwork entered there only until Tuesday, February 10th.