Guest of Honor: Ken MacLeod

Ken MacLeod is one of the leading exponents of the current Scottish school of hard science fiction writers. His writing has been called "sly cultural commentary", "subversive and observant" and "an uncommon degree of political awareness", often with bright ideas and biting wit in the strong Scottish characters reflecting his home country. He writes with a loving respect for the SF greats. His new novel is titled Learning the World.

Official Artist: Donato Giancola

Donato Giancola is noted for his illustrations of science fiction and fantasy, as well as other fields of art. His SF/fantasy clients include the SciFi Channel, Lucas Arts, DC Comics, and Wizards of the Coast. He has recently exhibited in "This is a Science Fiction Show" (Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, 2005) and "From Imagination to Reality: The Art of Science Fiction" (The New York Academy of the Sciences, New York, 2004-2005). His numerous awards include NESFA's Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist (1998).

Special Guest: Cory Doctorow

There has been some discussion as to whether Cory Doctorow exists except in virtual reality on the Internet. You'll have a chance to see him in person at Boskone 43. He is an SF writer, a web editor (, and a journalist, and is the former European Affairs Coordinator for the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and now a Fellow of the EFF. His most recent novel is Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.

Featured Filker: Steve Macdonald

Filker Steve Macdonald's most recent CDs are Crossroads and Reap the Wind. He has won several Pegasus awards and nominations for his filk songs, including "Shai!" (2002).

Hal Clement Science Speaker: William K. Hartmann

In memory of our beloved friend, the late Hal Clement, NESFA brings a science speaker to Boskone each year. This Boskone's Hal Clement Memorial Speaker will be William K. Hartmann, planetologist, SF artist and writer. Hartmann is a distinguished planetologist specializing the Moon and Mars, a well-known astronomical artist and author of non-fiction as well as an SF novel, Mars Underground.