Boskone Guests

Guest of Honor: Alastair Reynolds

Author of novels such as Revelation Space and House of Suns, Boskone Guest of Honor Alastair Reynolds became the "One Million Pound Man" in 2009 when he earned a million pound advance for his next ten novels from his publisher Gollancz. He served as an astronomer for the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, and has recently returned to Wales to live and write full time. His next novel, Terminal World, will be published in March 2010.

NESFA Press in conjunction with Boskone 47 is publishing a numbered, limited edition book (Deep Navigation) of selected short SF by Alastair Reynolds, the Boskone Guest of Honor. Boskone members can pre-order the new Alastair Reynolds collection Deep Navigation and pick it up at Boskone.

Official Artist: John Picacio

Official artist John Picacio also received a major professional assignment in 2009 when he was named to create the artwork for the 2011 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar. Picacio has been nominated for the Hugo and World Fantasy Best Professional Artist award several times, and won a Chesley Award for best paperback cover for Fast Forward 2.

Special Guest: Tom Shippey

Special guest Tom Shippey is both a longtime British SF fan and a Tolkien scholar. He taught medieval literature at universities in England and America before his retirement. Shippey wrote J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century and The Road to Middle Earth.

Transcript of Tom Shippey's Boskone Special Speaker Talk.

Featured Filker: Mary Crowell

Featured filker Mary Crowell is a performer, jazz musician and music teacher. She's been nominated for a number of Pegasus Awards, and won Best Performer in 2007. Crowell released a CD, Courting My Muse.

NESFA Guests

In addition to our Boskone guests, NESFA brings several industry professionals to participate in Boskone.

Hal Clement Science Speaker: Vernor Vinge

A retired computer science professor at San Diego State, Vinge's been a published SF writer for forty years and has won five Hugo Awards.

NESFA Press Guests: Michael Whelan

Boskone will feature a retrospective of this Hugo Award-winning artist's work. Whelan and his wife Audrey run Glass Onion Graphics, which sells prints of his work. He created the acclaimed wrap-around cover for NESFA Press's six-volume set of Roger Zelazny's works.

Lois McMaster Bujold

Bujold has published dozens of novels in her Vorkosigan, Chalion, and Wide Green World series. She has won five Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards for her work. NESFA Press has published hardcover editions of a number of her books. A hardback edition of The Vor Game will be out for Boskone.