Exhibits - Hucksters' Room, Art Show, Con Suite

The Exhibits area is in the lower level in the Galleria Ballroom. To reach the Galleria, take a left past the City Bar as you enter the lobby through the main doors, then take the escalator down to the lower level.

To reach the elevator, go straight past the City Bar and into a nook where the elevator is on your left.

The Galleria is home to the Hucksters Room, Art Show, Fan Tables, Con Suite, DragonsLair (kids' activities), Gaming, Con Suite, Friday night reception, Information, Volunteers, Program Desk and the Convention Office.

Club Tables

If members from your club, convention or Worldcon bid will be attending Boskone, you can request space in our Club Tables area. Club Tables are a great way for Boskone members to learn about your upcoming events and, perhaps, join up. Space is limited, so E-mail Lis Carey if you're interested in reserving space.

This year's club tables will include: