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Conventions and Meetings

Conventions — Boskone, Lexicon, Codclave

NESFA runs Boskone, a regional SF convention held every February, which is the oldest SF convention in New England and currently has about 1000 attendees. Some years, NESFA also hosts one or two small social weekend relaxacons each year, called Lexicon or Codclave, in interesting local vacation spots.


NESFA holds formal meetings twice in most months (almost always on Sunday afternoons), a Business Meeting early in the month and an Other Meeting later in the month. The Business Meeting is held at the NESFA Clubhouse and conducts the business of the club; it typically runs about two hours, followed by socializing and work on various projects, and is often preceded by a Boskone meeting dealing with the business of running the current Boskone. The Other Meeting is held at members’ homes, and is primarily social (though there will almost always be committee meetings, discussion of NESFA business, etc.); barbecues are common in good weather. The July Business Meeting and the December Other Meeting are often omitted. Non-members are welcome at both of these types of meetings.


On the Wednesdays following meetings, we also have gatherings to collate Instant Message, our clubzine, which is sent to all members. In fact, there is activity nearly every Wednesday evening at our clubhouse. Please stop by and visit us.

Social Events

During the year, NESFA has various other social events, discussion groups, meetings and activities. Please see our calendar for more details.