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Fannish Places in Boston

Last Update: 11-Aug-2016

Boston Fandom has its share of places — restaurants, businesses, meeting places — which have been important to it over the years. Here are a few of them:

The House of Roy

The Belmont Lions Club

The NESFA Clubhouse

C. W. Beane


33 Unity Ave, Belmont

Home of Tony and Suford Lewis and later Jim Hudson and Ellen Franklin, 33 Unity Ave was for a long time the official address of NESFA and a frequent meeting place.

Box G, MIT Branch PO

Until the early 90s when the Post Office "for your convenience" renumbered all the PO boxes in Cambridge, Box G was NESFA’s mailing address.

MITSFS Library

The Noreascon II Office


By the end of 2004, there will have been 4 Worldcons in Boston—where have the rest of the cons in North America been held?