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Another Part of the Trilogy

libretto by John M. Ford

A musical review; this is a thin narration wrapped around a series of songs parodying modern generic fantasy.

It was first performed at Boskone 34, 15 February 1997, Sheraton Tara, Framingham. It was later performed 6 November 1999 at the 25th World Fantasy Convention, Providence, Rhode Island. A printed libretto was sold at World Fantasy Convention. All unsold copies were given to John M. Ford.

Cast: mostly the Sudbury Savoyards, Ann Broomhead, Tim Szczesuil, Scott Lutz, Peter Grace, Suford Lewis.

Narrator:  John M. Ford

“Ya Got Worries” monologue by Larry Seiler

Accompaniment by Gary McGath, Denise Gendron

The Songs