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Grimm’s Fairy Cabaret

libretto by John M. Ford

A musical extravaganza featuring old beats in new meters.

It was first performed at Boskone 43, 17 February 2006, Sheraton Boston, Boston, Massachusetts.  A printed libretto was sold at the performance.

Cast: Tom Courtney, David G. Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Ellen Kushner, Suford Lewis, Elise Matthesen, Delia Sherman.

Narrator:  John M. Ford.

Accompaniment by Gary McGath, Kip Williams.

Special thanks

to Gay Ellen Dennett (“Of course I can find your sheet music—I’m a librarian.”)

to David G. “Keymaster” Grubbs, for scores and transpositions.

produced and directed by Davey Snyder with assistance from Chip Hitchcock.

The Songs