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The Founders of NESFA

by Anthony R. Lewis
as of 19 May 2012 (updated 1 Aug 2022)

These are the original members—the founders of the New England Science Fiction Association in 1967. Originally each member was given a membership number—the list was kept in a ledger that was later lost. Nowadays most members have the number ???. The symbol † means we know the person is deceased.

01 Truman Brown
02 Claire Cabral†
03 Gerald Clarke
04 William Desmond
05 Edmund Galvin†
06 Paul Galvin
07 Richard Harter†
08 Susan Hereford [Suford Lewis]
09 Judith Krupp†
10 Roy Krupp
11 Anthony Lewis
12 Ed Meskys
13 Edwin W. Meyer, Jr.
14 Greg Mironchuk
15 Anne Nelson
16 Robert Nelson
17 Linda Rosenstein
18 Cory Seidman [Panshin]
19 Harry C. Stubbs [Hal Clement]†
20 Leslie Turek
21 David A. Vanderwerf
22 Mark Walsted†
23 Michael J. Ward
24 Andrew Adams Whyte†
25 Marilyn J. Wisowaty [Niven]

Names in boldface are still NESFA members after more than 50 years of fanac.