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1999 Skylark Award

Eggleton Skylark letter

Skylark image

Dear NESFA Members:

This is just a note to thank you all so much for the wonderful Skylark Award. You must understand, I was totally gobsmacked upon hearing Hal Clement announce my name. I had no suspicion whatsoever! So I was a little overcome and tongue tied.

It’s been a traumatic past few months after my Dad’s ailing health and finally, his death in November. It made things a very long, and cold winter for myself and family. So, knowing that the NESFA membership thinks so highly of me to give me this nifty award … it indeed lifted my spirits. I have attended Boskone almost religiously simply because it’s like family to me (in fact, I passed on a AGoH stint once because it was the same weekend!), so it’s a great feeling for things to come full circle. And, as always, this year I had another terrific time.

Again, thanks so much, The Skylark holds a place of honor!


Yours in SF,


Bob Eggleton