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NESFA® 1945 Hugo Recommendations

20 February 1996 — mlo

LAcon 3 is running the first Retro-Hugos which will award real, genuine Hugos for the year 1945. If it works well this year it may be continued in subsequent years. To make it work, NESFA is running a recommendations list for 1945 as well as for 1995. Any NESFA member who would like to recommend an item from 1945 to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

C. S. Lewis           That Hideous Strength                              mlo
George Orwell         Animal Farm                                        mlo
Fritz Leiber          Destiny Times Three            ASF, Mar-Apr 45     by
A. E. Van Vogt        The World of Null-A            ASF, Aug-Oct 45     rk, by

Novella / Novelette
Isaac Asimov          The Dead Hand (1st half of     ASF, Apr 45         mlo, rk, by
                      Foundation and Empire)
Isaac Asimov          The Mule (2nd half of          ASF, Nov 45         mlo, rk, by
                      Foundation and Empire)
A. Bertram Chandler   Giant Killer                   ASF, Oct 45         mlo, arl
Lester Del Rey        Into Thy Hands                 ASF, Aug 45         arl, by, bep
Edmund Hamilton       Red Sun of Danger              SS                  bep
Murray Leinster       First Contact                  ASF, May 45         mlo, arl, rk, by, bep
Murray Leinster       Things Pass By                 TW, Sum, 45         arl, rk
Frank Belknap Long    Hollow World                   SS                  bep
Lewis Padgett         Beggars in Velvet              ASF                 by, ta, bep
Lewis Padgett         The Lion and the Unicorn       ASF                 by, ta
Lewis Padgett         The Piper's Son                ASF, Feb 45         arl, rk, by, ta, mlo
Lewis Padgett         Three Blind Mice               ASF                 by, ta, bep
George O. Smith       Identity                       ASF, Nov 45
George O. Smith       Pandora's Millions             ASF, Jun 45
George O. Smith       Special Delivery               ASF, Mar 45         by, bep
A. E. Van Vogt        The Mixed Men                  ASF                 bep
Wilson                Vandals of the Void            Planet Stories      bep

Short Story
Ralph Abernathy       When the Rockets Come          ASF, Mar 45         arl
Isaac Asimov          Paradoxical Escape                                 by
Robert Bloch          Lefty Feep Gets Henpecked      FA, Apr 45          bep
Fredric Brown         Pi in the Sky                  TW, Win 45          bep
Fredric Brown         The Waveries                   ASF, Jan 45         rk, mlo, by, bep
Hal Clement           Uncommon Sense                 ASF, Sep 45         mlo, by, bep
Raymond F. Jones      Correspondence Course          ASF, Apr 45         mlo, rk
Murray Leinster       De Profundis                   TW, Win 45          mlo
Murray Leinster       The Ethical Equations          ASF, Jun 45         by
Murray Leinster       Interference                   ASF, Oct 45
Murray Leinster       The Power                      ASF, Sep 45         mlo, arl, by
Lewis Padgett         Line to Tomorrow                                   by
Lewis Padgett         What You Need                  ASF, Oct 45         arl, rk, by, bep
George O. Smith       Trouble Times Two              ASF, Dec 45
Jack Vance            The World Thinker              TW, Sum 45

Best Non-Fiction
Richard Shaver        I Remember Lemuria             Amazing             bep

Pro Artist
Earle K. Bergey    bep
Hannes Bok         jds
Virgil Finlay      jds, mlo
Robert Gibson      bep
Frank R. Paul      bep, mlo

Best Editor
John W. Campbell   Astounding       mlo, by, bep
Ray Palmer         Amazing
Sam Merwin         Thrilling        bep
                   Wonder Stories
                   / Startlinng

Blithe Spirit             UA                bep
House of Dracula          Universal         bep
House of Frankenstein     Universal         bep
Road to Utopia            Paramount         bep
Horn Blows at Midnight    Warner            bep

Fan Artist
Joe Gibson         bep
Alva Rogers        bep
Jack Weidenbek     bep
Lou Goldstone      bep
Bill Rotsler       bep

Fan Writer
Charles Burbee     bep
F. Towner Laney    bep
Bob Tucker         bep
Forry Ackerman     bep
Joe Kennedy        bep

title                   # issues   Editor             nominato  Notes
The Acolyte                        Laney & Russell    jds,
                                                      by, bep
Vampire                 4          Joe Kennedy        jds
Canadian Fandom         2          Taylor             jds
En Garde                           Ashley             bep
Shangri-L'Affaires      6          Burbee-4,          jds, bep
Voice of the            11         Forrest J.         jds,
ImagiNation                        Ackerman           by, bep
Fanews                  154        Dunkelberger       jds
Stefnews                27         Jack Speer         jds
Chanticleer             2          Walt Leibscher     jds, bep
Fantasy Commentator     4          Searles            jds       this was the zine that
                                                                Laney wanted The Acolyte
                                                                to be.  The Immortal Storm
                                                                was being serialized at
                                                                this time in FC
Toward Tomorrow         2          Kepner             jds
Centauri                1          Anderson           jds
TimeBinder              3          Evans              jds
Garden of Fear          1          Crawford           jds       a semi-pro fiction
                                                                collection from.

Key to nominators:
ca: Claire Anderson, daa: Dave Anderson, ta: Ted Atwood, rb: Ray Bowie, mab: Michael Burstein, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn, pf: Pam Fremon, mh: Mark Hertel, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, rk: Rick Katze, arl: Tony Lewis, pal: Paula Lieberman; jam: Jim Mann, mlo: Mark Olson, po: Priscilla Olson, bep: Bruce Pelz, kp: Kelly Persons, jr: Joe Rico, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, jds: Joe Siclari, by: Ben Yalow