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NESFA® 1950 Retro-Hugo Recommendations

15 March 2001 — mlo

Besides the Hugos for the year 2000 the 2001 Worldcon, Philcon, will be running the Retro-Hugos for 1950. The rules and categories are exactly the same.

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

Pebble in the Sky Isaac Asimov   mlo, ebh, sls, ec, po, jam, arl
Farmer in the Sky Robert A. Heinlein Boy’s Life Aug-Nov 50 mlo, ebh, sls, ec, ged, arl
Gather, Darkness! Fritz Leiber (ineligible: serialized ’43, book ’50) vjd, arl, mlo, jks
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis   mlo, ebh, ec, ged, arl, po
Gormenghast Mervyn Peake   mlo, arl, po, jam
First Lensman E. E. Smith   mlo
The Wizard of Linn A. E. van Vogt Astounding Apr-Jun 50 mlo, jks, by
The Dying Earth Jack Vance Hillman vjd, jam, arl, mlo, po, by
Seetee Shock Jack Williamson (ineligible: serialized ’49; book ’50) vjd, arl

And Now You Don’t Isaac Asimov Astounding, Nov 49-Jan 50 jks, mlo, by
The Last Enemy H. Beam Piper Astounding, Aug 50 mlo 
The Dreaming Jewels Theodore Sturgeon Fantastic Adventures, Feb 50 vjd, jam, arl, jks, po

The Helping Hand Poul Anderson Astounding, May 50 mlo, arl
Okie James Blish Astounding, Apr 50 mlo, ec, jam, arl
Bindlestiff James Blish Astounding, Dec 50 mlo, ec, jam, arl
Honeymoon in Hell Fredric Brown   by
The Little Black Bag C. M. Kornbluth Astounding, Jul 50 mlo, ec, jam, arl, jks, po, by
You’re All Alone Fritz Leiber Fantastic Adventures, Jul 50 jks
Dear Devil Eric Frank Russell Other Worlds, May 50 mlo, jam, arl, jks, po, by
The Sound A. E. van Vogt Astounding, Feb 50 mlo
The Second Night of Summer James H. Schmitz Galaxy, Dec 50 mlo, ec, jam, arl, by
The Truth About Cushgar James H. Schmitz Astounding, Nov 50 by

Short Story
Gypsy Poul Anderson Astounding, Jan 50 mlo, by
Quixote and the Windmill Poul Anderson Astounding, Nov 50 mlo
The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury 51? mlo, ebh, sls, arl
The Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork Out R. Bretnor F&SF, Win-Spr 50 mlo, jam, arl
Obedience Fredric Brown   by
The Road to the Sea Arthur C. Clarke 51? mlo
A Walk in the Dark Arthur C. Clarke TWS, Aug 50 mlo, arl
A Subway Named Mobius A. J. Deutsch Astounding, Dec 50 mlo, arl, po, jam, by
The New Reality Charles L. Harness Thrilling Wonder Stories, Dec 1950 jks
Not with a Bang Damon Knight F&SF, Win-Spr 50 mlo
To Serve Man Damon Knight Galaxy, Nov 50 mlo, ebh, sls, ged, by
The Mindworm C. M. Kornbluth Worlds Beyond, Dec 50 mlo, jam, arl, jks
The Silly Season C. M. Kornbluth F&SF, Fall 50 mlo, ged, po, arl, by
Coming Attraction Fritz Leiber Galaxy, Nov 50 mlo, po, jam, arl, jks, by
Born of Man and Woman Richard Matheson F&SF, Sum 50 mlo, arl, jks, by
Spectator Sport John D. MacDonald Thrilling Wonder Stories, Feb 1950 jks
Heir Apparent C. L. Moore Astounding, Jul 50 jks
Paradise Street C. L. Moore Astounding, Sept 50 jks
The Sack William Morrison Astounding, Sept 50 mlo
Scanners Live in Vain Cordwainer Smith Fantasy Book #6 mlo, arl, ec, jam, jks, ged, by
The Potters of Firsk Jack Vance Astounding, May 50 mlo, po, arl, by
The Report on the Barnhouse Effect Kurt Vonnegut Colliers mlo

Related Book

Dramatic Presentation
Cinderella Disney alh, po, mlo
King Solomon’s Mines MGM alh
Rashomon Daiei alh
Rabbit of Seville Warner Brothers alh
The Scarlet Pumpernickel Warner Brothers alh
Report on the Barnhouse Effect Dimension X jam
Crusader Rabbit TV series alh
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet TV series alh
Destination Moon   mlo, sls, ged, pf, ca, esa, arl, jam
Harvey   sls, ged, pf, esa, po, jam
Rocketship X-M   ged, pf, ca
Treasure Island   sls, ged


Other Good Reads


Short fiction
The Evitable Conflict Isaac Asimov Astounding, Jun 50 mlo, ec
Honeymoon in Hell Fredric Brown Galaxy, Nov 50 mlo, ec
Silence, Please! Arthur C. Clarke   mlo
In Value Deceived H. B. Fyfe Astounding, Nov 50 mlo
The New Reality Charles L. Harness Thrilling Wonder Stories, Dec 1950 mlo, ec, po
The Truth About Cushgar James H. Schmitz Astounding, Nov 50 mlo
Built Up Logically Howard Schoenfeld F&SF, Fall 50 mlo


Dramatic Presentation

Key to nominators:
alh: Art Henderson, ansl: Alice Lewis, arl: Tony Lewis, by: Ben Yalow, ca: Claire Anderson, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, cle: Chris Logan Edwards, daa: Dave Anderson, dea: Deb Atwood, ebh: Lisa Hertel, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, esa: Ted Atwood, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn; jam: Jim Mann, jb: Judy Bemis, jr: Joe Rico, js: Joe Siclari, jks: Joyce Scrivner, kp: Kelly Persons, ldtm: Laurie Mann,  mdh: Mark Hertel, mlo: Mark Olson, pal: Paula Lieberman, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, po: Priscilla Olson, rb: Ray Bowie, rk: Rick Katze, sl: Suford Lewis, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, tps: Tim Szczesuil, vjd: Vince Docherty