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NESFA® 1953 Retro-Hugo Recommendations

15 March 2004 — mlo

Besides the Hugos for the year 2003 the 2004 Worldcon, Noreascon 4, will be running the Retro-Hugos for 1953. The rules and categories are exactly the same.

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

The Caves of Steel Isaac Asimov Galaxy, Oct-Dec ’53 jam, mlo, arl, sls, ec, ebh, dgg, shs, po, vjd
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Ballantine shs, sls, mjd
Mission of Gravity Hal Clement Astounding, Feb-Jul ’53 mlo, jam, arl, sls, ec, esa, dgg, shs, mjd. vjd
Against the Fall of Night Arthur C. Clarke Gnome Press jam, arl, ec, dgg, po, vjd
Childhood’s End Arthur C. Clarke Ballantine Books dgg, shs, mjd, vjd
The Silver Chair C. S. Lewis Bles shs
Bring the Jubilee Ward Moore   po
Ullr Uprising H. Beam Piper SF Adventures, Feb-Mar ’53 mlo
More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon Ballantine Books jam, mlo, arl, esa, po, dgg, mjd, vjd
Out of the Deeps (AKA The Kraken Wakes) John Wyndham   mlo

UN-Man Poul Anderson Astounding, Jan ’53 mlo, jam
Earthman, Come Home James Blish Astounding, Nov ’53 jam, mlo, sls, ec, arl, dgg, mjd, vjd
A Case of Conscience James Blish IF, Sep ’53 jam, mlo, sls, ec, esa, po, dgg, vjd
The Rose Charles L. Harness Authentic SF Monthly, Mar ’53 po, ec. esa, vjd
The Seven Black Priests Fritz Leiber Other Worlds, 5/53 shs
Daughters of Earth Judith Merril The Petrified Planet cjh, ec, vjd
Lot Ward Moore F&SF, 5/53 shs
Hardly Worth Mentioning Chad Oliver Fantastic May/Jun 53 po
Double Meaning Damon Knight Startling Stories, Jan 1953 vjd
… and My Fear is Great Theodore Sturgeon Beyond Fantasy Fiction Jul 1953 vjd

Sam Hall Poul Anderson Astounding, Aug ’53 mlo, jam, shs, vjd
The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson Universe, Dec ’53 mlo, jam, arl, po
Jupiter V Arthur C. Clarke IF, May ’53 mlo, jam, dgg, vjd
The Wall Around the World Theodore Cogswell Beyond Fantasy Fiction, Sep ’53 mlo, jam, arl, po, dgg
Mother Philip Jose Farmer Thrilling Wonder, Apr ’53 jam, dgg
Project Nightmare Robert A. Heinlein Amazing, Mar ’53 mlo, dgg, po
Shadow Show Clifford D. Simak F&SF, Nov ’53 mlo
Three Hearts and Three Lions (short version) Poul Anderson F&SF, Sep-Oct ’53 mjd
The Second Variety Philip K. Dick   vjd
Four in One Damon Knight Galaxy Feb 1953 vjd

Short Story
Star Light, Star Bright Alfred Bester F&SF, Jul ’53 mlo, jam, dgg
Hall of Mirrors Fredric Brown Galaxy, 12/53 shs
Encounter in the Dawn Arthur C. Clarke Amazing, Jun-Jul ’53 mlo, dgg
The Nine Billion Names of God Arthur C. Clarke Star Science Fiction Stories jam, mlo, arl, ebh, dgg, shs, mjd, vjd, po
It’s a Good Life Jerome Bixby Star Science Fiction Stories #2 jam, mlo, arl, dgg, po, mjd, vjd
A Bad Day for Sales Fritz Leiber Galaxy, Jul ’53 jam, mlo, arl, dgg
Crucifixus Etiam Walter M. Miller, Jr. Astounding, Feb ’53  
Nightmare Brother Alan E. Nourse Astounding, Feb ’53 mlo
The Seventh Victim Robert Sheckley Galaxy, 4/53 shs, vjd
A Saucer of Loneliness Theodore Sturgeon Galaxy jam, esa, dgg, vjd
The World Well Lost Theodore Sturgeon Universe mjd
Common Time James Blish Science Fiction Qty, Aug 1953 vjd, jam

Related Book
The Conquest of the Moon Chesley Bonestell, Werner von Braun, Willy Ley, Fred Whipple   mlo, vjd
Modern Science Fiction: Its Meaning and Its Future Reginald Bretnor   vjd, mlo
The Science Fiction Handbook L. Sprague de Camp and Catherine A. Crook   vjd, jam, mlo

Dramatic Presentation Long Form
The Quatermas Experiment   BBC TV vjd

Dramatic Presentation Short Form
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms   jam, shs, mjd
The War of the Worlds   jam, ged, dgg, shs, mjd, vjd
It Came from Outer Space   ca, daa, mjd, vjd
Invaders from Mars   jam, dgg, shs, mjd, vjd, po
The Oracle   shs, mjd
Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century   jam, ged, mlo, arl, dgg, shs, sls, mjd, vjd
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T   shs
Peter Pan Disney vjd
The Twonky   shs
Robot Rabbit   vjd
Peter Pan (Disney)   vjd


Other Good Reads

Starman Jones Robert A. Heinlein Charles Scribner’s Sons jam, mlo, ged, dgg
Childhood’s End Arthur C. Clarke Ballantine Books mlo, jam

Short Fiction
Enough Rope Poul Anderson Astounding, Jul ’53 mlo
Three Hearts and Three Lions (short version) Poul Anderson F&SF, Sep-Oct ’53 mlo, dgg
The Curse Arthur C. Clarke Cosmos, Sep 53 mlo
The Adventure of the Snitch in Time Mack Reynolds & August Derleth F&SF, Jul ’53 mlo


Dramatic Presentation

Key to nominators:
alh: Art Henderson, ansl: Alice Lewis, arl: Tony Lewis, by: Ben Yalow, ca: Claire Anderson, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, cle: Chris Logan Edwards, daa: Dave Anderson, dea: Deb Atwood, ebh: Lisa Hertel, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, esa: Ted Atwood, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn; jam: Jim Mann, jb: Judy Bemis, jr: Joe Rico, js: Joe Siclari, jks: Joyce Scrivner, kp: Kelly Persons, ldtm: Laurie Mann, mdh: Mark Hertel, mjd: Mark Dulcey, mlo: Mark Olson, pal: Paula Lieberman, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, po: Priscilla Olson, rb: Ray Bowie, rk: Rick Katze, sl: Suford Lewis, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, tps: Tim Szczesuil, vjd: Vince Docherty