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NESFA® 1992 Hugo Recommendations

15 March 1993 — mlo

Beginning this year, NESFA has maintained a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who readings something they think is good enough to be considered for a Hugo can add it to the list. We publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans felt were worthy of Hugo nominations.

A Million Open Doors        John Barnes            Tor                 ec, mlo, by, gf
Count Geiger's Blues        Michael Bishop         Tor                 jam, gf
Anvil of Stars              Greg Bear              Warner              mlo, rk, gf
Hard Landing                Algis Budrys           F&SF Oct/Nov        by
Servant of the Empire       Raymond Feist and      Doubleday           pav, kp
                            Janny Wurts
Jumper                      Steve Gould            Tor                 ca, daa, jam, lm,
                                                                       po, gf, mlo, ec
Worlds Enough and Time      Joe Haldeman           Morrow              gf
Fatherland                  Robert Harris          Random House        rk, ec, daa, ca, ec
Jack the Bodiless           Julian May             Knopf               mlo, rk
China Mountain Zhang        Maureen McHugh         Tor                 gf
Flying in Place             Susan Palwick          Tor                 lm, gf, ec
Last Call                   Tim Powers             Morrow              by, po, ged, kp, gf
The Remarkables             Robert Reed            Bantam              gf, po
Oracle                      Mike Resnick           Ace                 arl, rk
Red Mars                    Kim Stanley Robinson   '92 in UK, '93 in   jam, mlo, gf
Dreamships                  Melissa Scott          Tor                 ec, md
Cold as Ice                 Charles Sheffield      Tor                 ged
The Grail of Hearts         Susan Shwartz          Tor                 lm, pal, gf
The Guns of the South       Harry Turtledove       Ballantine Books    ec
Steel Beach                 John Varley            Putnam              mw
A Fire Upon the Deep        Vernor Vinge           Tor                 mlo, rk, kp, jam,
                                                                       po, arl, mh, gf,
                                                                       daa, ec, ca, by, jr
Aristoi                     Walter Jon Williams    Tor                 po, mlo, by, gf, ec
Doomsday Book               Connie Willis          Bantam              el, jr
Briar Rose (non genre?)     Jane Yolen             Tor                 lm, po, ec, by

Short Fiction
In Memoriam                 Poul Anderson          Omni, Dec           gf, mlo, ca
Faith                       Poul and Karen         After the King      mlo
                            Anderson               (Tor)
The Sound of the River      M. Shayne Bell         Asimov's, Dec       gf
Down the River Road         Gregory Benford        After the King      gf
Carl's Lawn and Garden      Terry Bisson           Omni, Jan           ca, gf
Epsilon Dreams              Eric Brown             Interzone 59        arl
Silver or Gold              Emma Bull              After the King      mlo, po, by, gf
No Prisoners                Pat Cadigan            Alt. Kennedys       el
Oak and Ash                 Suzy McKee Charnas     Pulphouse 11        arl
Far-Off Things              Rob Chilson            F&SF, May           ca, gf
Corsairs of the Second      Warwick Colvin, Jr.    New Worlds 2        ca
The Winterberry             Nicholas DiChario      Alt. Kennedys       rk, lm, gf, ca
The Careful Man Goes West   Tony Daniel            Asimov's, July      ca
Death of Reason             Tony Daniel            Asimov's, Sept      arl, jr, ca, gf
The Territory               Bradley Denton         F&SF, July          ca, gf
Fractal Paisleys            Paul DiFilippo         F&SF, May           ca, gf
Broken Highway              J. R. Dunn             Amazing, Oct        ca
Crux Gammata                J. R. Dunn             Asimov's, Oct       ca, gf
The Passing                 Donna Farley           Universe 2          el
Going to Texas              Joe Clifford Faust     Amazing, May        ca
(Extradition Version)
All Vows                    Esther Friesner        Asimov's, Nov       ca, gf
Her American Cousin         Esther Friesner        The Crafters 2      ca
The Young Person's Guide    James Alan Gardner     Amazing, Apr        arl, gf
to the Organism
Fighting Words              Janet Kagan            Isaac's Universe    arl
The Nutcracker Coup         Janet Kagan            Asimov's, Dec       arl
Resurrection                Katherine Kerr         Axolotl/Bantam      ec, ca
Bootstrap Enterprise        Victor Koman           F&SF, Feb           ca
Chimaera                    Barry B. Longyear      Amazing, Dec        arl
Mark on the World           Dean McLaughlin        Analog, Jul         arl, gf
Stopping at Slowyear        Fred Pohl              Axolotl/Bantam      ec
Barnacle Bill the Spacer    Lucius Shepard         Asimov's, July      gf
Suppose They Gave a Peace   Susan Shwartz          Alt. Presidents     arl, gf
A Long Night's Vigil at     Robert Silverberg      After the King      mlo, gf
the Temple                                         (Tor)
The Arbitrary Placement     Martha Soukup          Asimov's, April     gf
of Walls
Persepolis                  Judith Tarr            Aladdin (Tor)       arl
A Gift Before Leaving       W. R. Thompson         Analog, Mid-Dec     ca, gf
The Twelve Swans            Lois Tilton            F&SF, June          po, ca, jr, gf
The Glowing Cloud           Steven Utley           Asimov's, Jan       arl, ca, gf
The Rebirth of Wonder       Lawrence Watt-Evans    Wildside Press      arl
The Coming of Vertumnus     Ian Watson             Interzone 56        arl
Even the Queen              Connie Willis          Asimov's, April     gf

Non Fiction
Enterprising Women: TV      Camille Bacon-Smith    University of       ca
Fandom and the Creation                            Pennsylvania Press
of Popular Myth
Graven Images               Ronald V. Borst, et    Grove Press         ca
Canadian SF & F             David Ketterer         Indiana Univ.       ca
Let's Hear It for the       Dave Langford          NESFA Press         by, mlo, sls, gf,
Deaf Man                                                               jr, po
Double Memory               Phil Hale & Rick       Donald M. Grant     ca
Dinotopia (fiction -        Jim Gurney             Turner              pf, ss, ged, kp, rk
novella? ineligible?)
The Universal Database      Jean-Marc Lofficier    Virgin Dr. Who      arl
The Art of Robert McCall    Robert McCall          Bantam              ca
Science Fiction and         Robert Reginald        Gale                arl, gf
Fantasy Literature
A Wealth of Fable (this     Harry Warner           SCIFI Press         mlo, po, ged, by, gf
edition is a major

People who have nominated:
ca: Claire Anderson, daa: Dave Anderson, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, md: Mike DiGenio, gf: George Flynn, pf: Pam Fremon, mh: Mark Hertel, rk: Rick Katze, el: Evelyn Leeper, pal: Paula Leiberman, arl: Tony Lewis, jam: Jim Mann, lm: Laurie Mann, mlo: Mark Olson, po: Priscilla Olson, kp: Kelly Persons, jr: Joe Rico, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, pav: Pat Vandenberg, mw: Monty Wells, by: Ben Yalow