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NESFA® 1994 Hugo Recommendations

27 February 1995 — mlo

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

Solis                         A. A. Attanasio           Hodder &             ca
Feersum Endjinn               Ian M. Banks              Orbit (UK)           ca
Mother of Storms              John Barnes               Tor                  ec, mlo
Ring                          Stephen Baxter            HarperCollins UK     mlo, daa
Furious Gulf                  Gregory Benford           Bantam Spectra       gf
Brittle Innings               Michael Bishop            Bantam               el, gf
Mirror Dance                  Lois McMaster Bujold      Baen                 arl, ec, jr, by
Finder                        Emma Bull                 Tor                  mlo, po, ec, cjh, by
Tripoint                      C. J. Cherryh             Warner Aspect        pal
Foreigner                     C. J. Cherryh             DAW                  arl, ec, gf
The Waterworks                E. L. Doctorow            Random Hse; BoMC     el
Queen City Jazz               Kathleen Ann Goonan       Tor                  ca
Rhinegold                     Stephan Grundy            Bantam Spectra       el
Seeker's Mask                 P. C. Hodgell             Hypatia              pal
Nimbus (1993)                 Alexander Jablokov        AvoNova/Morrow       cjh
Gun, with Occasional Music    Jonathan Lethem           Harcourt Brace       gf, daa
Starmind                      Spider & Jeanne Robinson  Analog Aug-Nov 94    arl
In the Cube (1993!)           D. Alexander Smith        Tor                  cjh
Heavy Weather                 Bruce Sterling            Bantam Spectra       cjh, ca, daa, gf
A College of Magics           Caroline Stevermer        Tor                  mlo, arl, po, cjh,
                                                                             daa, gf, by
Manhattan Transfer (1993!)    John E. Stith             Tor                  jam
Mysterium                     Robert Charles Wilson     Bantam Spectra       ca, po, gf, el, daa
Lake of the Long Sun          Gene Wolfe                Tor                  mlo, ec, gf, rk

Remains of Adam               A.A.Attanasio             Asimov's Jan 94      arl, gf, ca
Melodies of the Heart         Michael F. Flynn          Analog Jan 94        ca, gf
Composition with Barbarian    Alex Jeffers              Universe 3           gf
and Animal
Another Story                 Ursula K. Le Guin         Tomorrow Aug 94      gf
Forgiveness Day               Ursula K. Le Guin         Asimov's Nov 94      arl, gf
Scissors Cut Paper Wrap       Ian McDonald              Bantam Spectra       gf
Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge  Mike Resnick              F&SF Oct/Nov 94      arl, gf
Les Fleurs du Mal             Brian Stableford          Asimov's Oct 94      arl, gf
Uncharted Territory           Connie Willis             Bantam Spectra       gf

The God Who Slept with Women  Brian Aldiss              Asimov's May 94      arl, gf
Shadow of the Falcon          Janet Berliner & Jack     Galaxy Jul-Aug 94    arl
In the Dazzle                 Robert R. Chase           Analog Jun 94        gf
The Transcendentalists        David Ira Cleary          SF Age Nov 94        arl
Things of the Flesh           L. Timmel Duchamp         Asimov's Jan 94      ca
Cocoon                        Greg Egan                 Asimov's May 94      ca
The Martian Child             David Gerrold             F&SF Sep 94          arl
The Wild Ships of Fairny      Carolyn Ives Gilman       F&SF Mar 94          gf
1894                          Charles L. Harness        Analog Aug 94        arl
Going West                    Phillip C. Jennings       Universe 3           gf
In the Valley of the Humans   Phillip C. Jennings       Asimov's Nov 94      ca, gf
The Singular Habits of Wasps  Geoffrey A. Landis        Analog Apr 94        arl, gf
The Matter of Seggri          Ursula K. Le Guin         Crank, Spr 94        gf, ca
Out of the Quiet Years        G. David Nordley          Asimov's Jul 94      arl
Waging Good                   Robert Reed               Asimov's Jan 95      arl
The Remoras                   Robert Reed               F&SF May 94          arl, gf, ca
Stride                        Robert Reed               Asimov's Nov 94      ca
Fan                           Geoff Ryman               Interzone Mar 94     arl, gf
Dark Star                     Jack Williamson           F&SF Feb 95          arl

Short Story
Mrs. Lincoln's China          M. Shayne Bell            Asimov's, Jul 94     gf, ca
Inspiration                   Ben Bova                  F&SF Apr 94          arl
Last Rites                    Ray Bradbury              F&SF Dec 94          arl
Paris in June                 Pat Cadigan               Omni Sept 94         ca
Death and the Librarian       Esther M. Friesner        Asimov's Dec 94      arl, ca
None So Blind                 Joe Haldeman              Asimov's Nov 94      ca, gf
Fortyday                      Damon Knight              Asimov's May 94      gf
Margin of Error               Nancy Kress               Omni Oct 94          gf
Killer Byte                   Mercedes Lackey           MZB Fantasy Mag.     arl
                                                        Spr 94
Wells of Wisdom               Brad Linaweaver           Galaxy May/Jun 94    arl
Sealight                      Ian MacLeod               F&SF May 94          gf
Assassin                      Bruce McAllister          Omni, Jan 94         ca, gf
Standard Candles              Jack McDevitt             F&SF, Jan 94         gf
Bible Stories for Adults:     James Morrow              F&SF Jun 94          el, gf
No. 20, The Tower
Director's Cut                James Morrow              F&SF Mar 94          el
Abridged Edition              Jerry Oltion              F&SF Jul 94          el
Treasure Buried               Robert Reed               F&SF Feb 94          arl, gf
Barnaby in Exile              Mike Resnick              Asimov's Feb 94      arl
The Changeling's Tale         Michael Swanwick          Asimov's Jan 94      gf
Household Words, or, the      Howard Waldrop            Amazing Winter 94    ca
Why Did?                      Howard Waldrop            Omni Apr 94          ca
I Know What You're Thinking   Kate Wilhelm              Asimov's, Nov 94     gf
The Moon Garden Cookbook      Laurel Winter             F&SF Feb 94          el

Non Fiction
I. Asimov                     Isaac Asimov              Doubleday            mlo, po, ec, by, kvs
Spectrum: The Best in         Cathy Burnett & Arnie     Underwood            ca, mlo, ged, gf, pal
Contemporary Fantastic Art    Fenner
Making Book                   Teresa Nielsen Hayden     NESFA Press          mlo, arl, po, ec, ged,
The Book on the Edge of       Christopher Priest        Fantagraphics        by

Dramatic Presentation
All Good Things               ST:TNG                                         po, ged, kvs
Earth 2 premiere                                                             po, sls, ged
Ed Wood                                                                      ca, daa, kvs, el
Space Trek (parody play)                                                     sls
The Mask                                                                     sls, ca, daa
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein                                                  ca, daa
The Puppet Masters                                                           ca, daa, rk, gf, kvs

Original Artwork
Cover of The Furies by Suzy   Rick Berry                Tor                  ca
McKee Charnas
Cover of 10/94 IASFM          Kinuko Y. Craft           Asimov's Oct 94      el
Cover of Wild Blood by        Nicholas Jainschigg       Roc                  ca
Nancy A. Collins
Cover of Clip Joint by        Bruce Jensen              Ace                  ca
Wilhemina Baird
River's Daughter (sculpture)  Arlin Robins                                   kvs
Cover of Gun, with            Michael Koelsch           Harcourt, Brace      ca
Occasional Music  by J.
Cover of Temporary Agency     Ron Walotsky              St. Martin's         ca
by Rachel Pollack

Campbell Award
Daniel Marcus                                                                ca
Felicity Savage                                                              ca
Elizabeth Willey                                                             mlo, po, by

Key to nominators:
ca: Claire Anderson, daa: Dave Anderson, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn, pf: Pam Fremon, mh: Mark Hertel, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, rk: Rick Katze, el: Evelyn Leeper, arl: Tony Lewis, pal: Paula Lieberman; jam: Jim Mann, mlo: Mark Olson, po: Priscilla Olson, kp: Kelly Persons, jr: Joe Rico, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, Kevin Standlee: kvs, by: Ben Yalow