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NESFA® 1995 Hugo Recommendations

4 March 1996 — mlo

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

Title                          Author                Where published           Nominators
Primary Inversion              Catherine Asaro       Tor                       ca, po, mab
The Time Ships                 Stephen Baxter        HarperPrism              mlo, ec, ecl,
                                                                               gf, mab, kp,
                                                                               pg, arl
Legacy                         Greg Bear             Tor                       mlo, ec, gf, pg
Cetaganda                      Lois McMaster Bujold  Baen/Analog Oct-Mid Dec   sl, arl
Alvin Journeyman               Orson Scott Card      Tor                       mlo. kp, po
Invader                        C. J. Cherryh         Warner Aspect             ec
Rider at the Gate              C. J. Cherryh         Warner Aspect             ec
The Psalms of Herod            Esther Friesner       White Wolf                po
Evolution's Shore              Ian McDonald          Bantam                    ecl
The Book of Atrix Wolfe        Patricia McKillip                               po
The Killing Star               Charles Pellegrino    AvoNova                   gf
                               and George Zebrowski
Expiration Date                Tim Powers            HarperCollins UK (Tor,    gf, by, ca
                                                     Jan 96 US publication)
The Terminal Experiment (AKA   Robert Sawyer         HarperPrism               mab
Hobson's Choice in ASF)
Shadow Man                     Melissa Scott         Tor                       pal
Point of Hopes                 Melissa Scott         Tor                       pal, ec
The Shape-Changer's Wife       Sharon Shinn          Ace                       po
The Diamond Age                Neal Stephenson       Bantam                    ca, gf, mlo,
                                                                               mab, pg, arl
Pillar of Fire                 Judith Tarr           Forge                     mlo, po, ec
A Sorcerer and a Gentleman     Elizabeth Willey      Tor                       gf, mlo, kp, po
Metropolitan                   Walter Jon Williams   Tor                       mlo, arl

Title                          Author                Where published           Nominators
Genesis                        Poul Anderson         Far Futures, Tor          gf
De Secretis Mulierum           L. Timmel Duchamp     F&SF May 95               ca, rb, gf
Hottentots                     Paul DiFilippo        The Steampunk Trilogy,    ca
                                                     Four Walls, Eight
The Human Animal               Julia Ecklar          Analog, Apr 95            arl
In Forests Afloat Upon the     Daniel Hatch          Analog, Jan 95            mab
Fault Lines                    Nancy Kress           Asimov's Aug 95           ca, mab, gf
A Woman's Liberation           Ursula K. Le Guin     Asimov's July 95, Four    gf, ec
                                                     Ways to Forgiveness,
A Man of the People            Ursula K. Le Guin     Asimov's Apr 95, Four     arl, rb, ec, gf
                                                     Ways to Forgiveness,
We Were Out of Our Minds       David Marusek         Asimov's, Nov  95         mab, ca, gf
with Joy
Hypocaust & Bathysphere        Rebecca Ore           Asimov's Jan 95           ca, gf
Bibi                           Mike Resnick &        Asimov's, Mid-Dec 95      mab, arl
                               Susan Shwartz
At the Eschaton                Charles Sheffield     Far Futures, Tor          gf
The Hunger & Ecstasy of        Brian Stableford      Interzone Jan & Feb 95    ecl
Mortimer Gray's History of     Brian Stableford      Asimov's Apr 95           ca, gf
The Death of Captain Future    Allen Steele          Asimov's, Oct 95          mab, gf
You Could Go Home Again        Howard Waldrop        Omni Online               ca
The Ziggurat                   Gene Wolfe            Full Spectrum 5, Bantam   gf

Title                          Author                Where published           Nominators
A Worm in the Well             Gregory Benford       Analog Nov 95             gf
Capra's Keyhole                Stephen L. Burns      Analog Apr 95             rb
Down Under Crater Billy        Stephen L. Burns      Analog Jan 95             ca
Suffer the Children            Mary Caraker          Analog May 95             rb
Tea and Hamsters               Michael Coney         F&SF Jan 95               mab
Unfinished Symphony            Rick Cook & Peter     Analog, Mid-Dec 95        mab
                               L. Manly
El Hijo de Hernez              Marcos Donnelly       F&SF Apr 95               rb, mab
Stealing God                   Debra Doyle and       Tales of the Knights      by
                               James Macdonald       Templar, Warner Aspect
And I Must Baffle at the Hint  L. Timmel Duchamp     Asimov's Jan 95           rb, ca
Resolve and Resistance         S. N. Dyer            Omni Apr 95               mlo, ca, gf
TAP                            Greg Egan             Asimov's Nov 95           gf
Wang's Carpets                 Greg Egan             New Legends, Tor          ca, ec, gf
Luminous                       Greg Egan             Asimov's Sep 95           ca, gf
Brute Skill                    David Garnett         Interzone Mar 95          arl
The String                     Kathleen Ann Goonan   F&SF, Jun 95              mab
For White Hill                 Joe Haldeman          Far Futures, Tor          gf
Think Like a Dinosaur          James Patrick Kelly   Asimov's Jun 95           mab, gf, ca
Evolution                      Nancy Kress           Asimov's Oct 95           mab
Across the Darkness            Geoffrey A. Landis    Asimov's Jun 95           ca
Ether, OR                      Ursula K. Le Guin     Asimov's Nov 95           gf
Coming of Age in Karhide       Ursula K. Le Guin     New Legends, Tor          ec, gf
Wolf Enough                    Jane Mailander        Tomorrow Feb 95           arl
Ellen O'Hara                   Ian R. MacLeod        Asimov's Feb 95           ca, gf
Recording Angel                Paul McAuley          Far Futures, Tor          gf
Paving the Road to Armageddon  Christoper            Analog Apr 95             rb
Research Project               Tom Purdom            Asimov's, Feb 95          gf
The Tournament                 Robert Reed           F&SF Sept 95              mab
Waging Good                    Robert Reed           Asimov's Jan 95           arl, ca, rb, gf
When the Old Gods Die          Mike Resnick          Asimov's Apr 95           arl, mab
The Good Rat                   Allen Steele          Analog Mid-Dec 95         mab, ca
Must and Shall                 Harry Turtledove      Asimov's Nov 95           ca, gf
Dark Star                      Jack Williamson       F&SF Feb 95               arl

Short Story
Title                          Author                Where published           Nominators
Life as We Know It             Ben Bova              F&SF Sep 95               mab
Another Fine Mess              Ray Bradbury          F&SF Apr 95               rb
Just a Couple of Extinct       Adam-Troy Castro      SF Age, Jan 95            mab
Aliens Riding Around in a
Life on the Moon               Tony Daniel           Asimov's Apr 95           ca
The Invisible Woman            Thomas M. Disch       Asimov's Jan 95           rb, mab
Pulling Hard Time              Harlan Ellison        F&SF Oct/Nov 95           mab
The Promise of God             Michael J. Flynn      F&SF Mar 95               ca, gf
A Birthday                     Esther Friesner       F&SF Aug 95               ca, gf
The Canterbury Path            Pamela D. Hodgson     F&SF Aug 95               mab
Things Fall Apart              Daniel Hood           SF Age, Jan 95            mab
Another Turing Test            Jeffery D. Kooistra   SF Age, Jul 95            mab
Ben Franklin's Spaceship       Joseph J. Lazzaro     Analog, Sept 95           mab
                               and Peter L. Manly
Let Sleep Not Divide Us        Pete Manison          SF Age Jan 95             mab
Jigoku no Mokushiroku (The     John G. McDaid        Asimov's Mid-Dec 95       mab, ca, gf
Symbolic Revelation of the
Cruising Through Deuteronomy   Jack McDevitt         F&SF Jun 95               mab, gf
The Lincoln Train              Maureen McHugh        F&SF Apr 95               ca, gf
The Beautiful, the Damned      Kristine Kathryn      F&SF Feb 95               mab, gf
Home                           Geoff Ryman           Interzone Mar 95          ca
You See But You Do Not         Robert J. Sawyer      Sherlock Holmes in Orbit  mab
Sitcom                         Lewis Shiner          Asimov's Jan 95           rb, mab, ca
Kevin17                        D. William Shunn      F&SF Feb 95               ca, gf
Walking Out                    Michael Swanwick      Asimov's Feb 95           mab, arl, gf
Walking the Virtch             J. Steven York        Analog Feb 95             mab

Title                          Author                Where published           Nominators
Yours, Isaac Asimov: A         Stanley Asimov        Doubleday, 95             mab
Lifetime of Letters
Alien Horizons                 Bob Eggleton          Paper Tiger               gf, ca, daa, mlo
Hannes Bok Treasury II         Hannes Bok                                      jds
Spectrum 2                     Cathy Burnett &       Underwood                 mlo, gf, po
                               Arnie Fenner
Science Fiction: The           John Clute            Dorling Kindersley        mab, gf
Illustrated Encyclopedia

Dramatic Presentation
Title                          Who/Where?            Nominators
Apollo 13                      Universal             ged, mlo, po, daa,
                                                     ca, ec, mab
The Indian in the Cupboard     ??                    pf
Babe                                                 pf, kp, ca, daa, ecl
Perceptions                    ST:Voyager            ged, po
Pocahontas                     Disney                pf
Toy Story                      Disney                mab, kp, ca, daa
The Coming of Shadows          Babylon 5             mab, ca, daa, pal, ec
The Secret of Roan Inish                             ecl
Powder                                               ecl
Richard III                                          mlo, ca, daa, po
Jumanji                                              ca, daa, kp
Twelve Monkeys                                       ca, daa, ecl
The City of Lost Children                            ca, daa, ecl
Aeon Flux                      MTV                   arl

Original Artwork
Piece and where published                            Artist              Nominator
Cover of Chico Kidd's The Printer's Devil (Baen)     Newell Convers      ca
                                                     and Cortney
Cover of Oct/Nov 95 F&SF for "Dankden"               Bob Eggleton        ca, gf
Cover of The Book of Atrix Wolfe by Patricia         Kinuko Y. Craft     ca. po
Cover of Jan 95 F&SF for "Tea and Hamsters"          Gary Lippincott     ca, gf

Campbell Award
Writer             Nominator
David Feintuch     gf, ca
Stuart Hopen       ca
Felicity Savage    gf
Larry Segriff      jb
Sharon Shinn       gf, po

Other Good Reads

Title                         Author                Where published        Nominator
Songs of Earth and Power      Greg Bear             Tor                    mlo, ec
Brightness Reef               David Brin            Bantam Spectra         mlo, gf, kp
Cetaganda                     Lois McMaster Bujold  Baen/Analog Oct-Mid    mlo, po, pal, pg,
                                                    Dec                    ec, gf
Fortress in the Eye of Time   C. J. Cherryh         HarperPrism            ec
Invader                       C. J. Cherryh         Warner Aspect          pg
The Gathering Flame           Debra Doyle & James   Tor                    daa, pal, by
                              D. Macdonald
Challenger's Hope             David Feintuch        Warner Aspect          ca, gf
The Psalms of Herod           Esther Friesner       White Wolf             ec
Queen City Jazz (`94)         Kathleen Goonan                              po
The Silent Strength of        Nina Kiriki Hoffman   AvoNova                gf, po
Warp Angel                    Stuart Hopen          Tor                    po, ca
Pasquale's Angel (`94)        Paul McAuley          AvoNova                mlo, ec
Humility Garden               Felicity Savage       Roc                    gf
Shadow Man                    Melissa Scott         Tor                    ec
The Shape-Changer's Wife      Sharon Shinn          Ace                    gf
Resurrection Man              Sean Stewart          Ace                    gf
Worldwar: Tilting the         Harry Turtledove      Del Rey                gf, mlo
Flag in Exile                 David Weber           Baen                   ged, by, gf, kp,
City of Bones                 Martha Wells          Tor                    gfpal
A Sorcerer and a Gentleman    Elizabeth Willey      Tor                    pal, kp, ec
Rock of Ages                  Walter Jon Williams   Tor                    mlo, gf, ec
Metropolitan                  Walter Jon Williams   Tor                    gf

Title                         Author                Where published        Nominator
Death and the Librarian       Esther Friesner       F&SF Dec 94            po, mlo

Title                         Author                Where published        Nominator
Lexicon Urthus (`94)          Michael               Sirius Fiction         mlo
Oi, Robot                     Edward L. Ferman      Mercury Press          mlo

Key to nominators:
ca: Claire Anderson, daa: Dave Anderson, jb: Judy Bemis, rb: Ray Bowie, mab: Michael A. Burstein, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, mh: Mark Hertel, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, rk: Rick Katze, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, sl: Suford Lewis, arl: Tony Lewis, pal: Paula Lieberman; jam: Jim Mann, mlo: Mark Olson, po: Priscilla Olson, kp: Kelly Persons, jr: Joe Rico, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, jds: Joe Siclari, by: Ben Yalow