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NESFA® 1997 Hugo Recommendations

23 April 1998 — mlo

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination. Items in bold indicate the Hugo winner for this year (1997).

War of the Gods Poul Anderson Tor mlo, pg
The Last Hawk Catherine Asaro Tor pg
Titan Stephen Baxter Harper Prism cle
Shadow Matrix Marion Zimmer Bradley HarperPrism pal
Finity’s End C. J. Cherryh Warner pal, ec
Diaspora Greg Egan Orion mlo, gf
Corrupting Dr. Nice John Kessel Tor pg, ca, ecl, jam
An Exchange of Hostages (’96) Susan Matthews AvoNova dea, esa
Eternity Road Jack McDevitt HarperPrism ca, cle
Wicked (’95) Gregory McGuire Harper Collins pg, ec, ebh
St. Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Walter m. Miller, Jr. Bantam gf
The Gift Patrick O’Leary Tor pg, po
Earthquake Weather Tim Powers Tor jam, by
The Prestige (’95) Christopher Priest St. Martin’s mlo, pg, ecl
Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson HarperCollins cle
The Sparrow (’96) Mary Doria Russell Villard mlo, po, pg, ecl, ec, ebh, jam
Frameshift Robert Sawyer Tor ecl
Jack Faust Michael Swanwick Avon mlo, cle, ecl, jam
How Few Remain Harry Turtledove del Rey by
City on Fire Walter Jon Williams HarperCollins mlo, ec, ebh, esa, by
The Woodwife (’96) Terri Windling Tor dms, ebh
Donnerjack Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold Avon mlo

The Funeral March of theMarionettes Adam-Troy Castro F&SF Jul 97 js, gf
Quinn’s Deal L. Timmel Duchamp Asimov’s Apr 97 gf
Three hearings on the Existence of Snaks in the Human Bloodstream James Alan Gardner Asimov’s Feb 97 gf
Ecopoeisis Geoffrey A. Landis SF Age ca
The Golden Keeper Ian R. Macleod Asimov’s Oct/Nov 98 ca
Residuals Paul J. McAuley & Kim Newman Asimov’s Jun 97 gf
After Kerry Ian McDonald Asimov’s Mar 97 gf
The Dragons of Springplace Robert Reed F&SF Feb 97 ca, gf
Marrow Robert Reed SF Age Jul 97 ca
In the Furnace of the Night James Sarafin Asimov’s May 97 gf
…Where Angels Fear to Tread Allen Steele Asimov’s Oct/Nov 97 ca, cle

Moon Six Stephen Baxter SF Age Mar 97 ca, mlo
Reasons to Be Cheerful Greg Egan Interzone Apr 97 ecl, ca, gf
On the Ice Islands Gregory Feeley Asimov’s Oct/Nov 97 ca
The Truest Chill Gregory Feeley SF Age Nov 97 ca
Second Skin Paul J. McAuley Asimov’s Apr 97 gf
London Bone Michael Moorcock New Worlds ca
Great Western Kim Newman New Worlds ca
A Spy in Europa Alastair Reynolds Interzone Jun 97 ca
The Undiscovered William Sanders Asimov’s Mar 97 ca, mlo, gf
What Would You Like to Know Charles Sheffield SF Age Sep 97 ca
Beauty in the Night Robert Silverberg SF Age Sep 97 ca
The Pipes of Pan Brian Stableford F&SF Jun 97 gf
Heart of Whitenesse Howard Waldrop New Worlds ca
Lethe Walter Jon Williams Asimov’s Sep 97 ca
Newsletter Connie Willis Asimov’s Dev 97 ca
Guest Law John C. Wright Asimov’s Jul 97 ca

Short Story
The Voice Gregory Benford SF Age May 97 ca
In the Bleak Mid-Solstice David Bischoff F&SF Dec 97 ca
Beluthahatchie Andy Duncan Asimov’s Mar 97 ca
The Nostalginauts S. N. Dyer Asimov’s Mar 97 ca
Standing Room Only Karen Joy Fowler Asimov’s Aug 97 ca
Fortune and Misfortune Lisa Goldstein Asimov’s May 97 ecl
Jew on a Chip Robert Grossbach F&SF Dec 97 arl
Winter Fire Geoffrey A. Landis Asimov’s Aug 97 gf
Get a Grip Paul Park F&SF Dec 97 ca
That Cruel Pauli Exclusion Kent Patterson F&SF Feb 97 ca
Blooming Ice Robert Reed SF Age Jan 97 ca
Graffiti Robert Reed F&SF Jun 97 gf, ca
The 43 Antarean Dynasties Mike Resnick Asimov’s Dev 97 arl, gf
No Planets Strike Gene Wolfe F&SF Jan 97 gf, ca

Space Travel Ben Bova and Anthony R. Lewis Writer’s Digest Books mlo
Encyclopedia of Fantasy John Clute & John Grant St. Martin’s mlo, by
Infinite Worlds Vincent Di Fate Penguin Studio mlo, gf, ca, ged, sls, pal, by, js

Dramatic Presentation
Contact 20th Century Fox po, mlo, sls, ca, daa, pf, pg, ec, ged, cle, gf, jam
The Deconstruction of Falling Stars Babylon 5 cle
Riven Cyan/Broderbund po
Gattaca   ecl
Men in Black   ecl, ec, gf, jam, by
Worlds Finest Warner Bros sls
Mimic   ca
The Post-Modern Prometheus X-Files gf, ca, jam


Other Good Reads

God’s Fires Patricia Anthony Ace pg
Titan Stephen Baxter HarperPrism pg
Freedom & Necessity Steven Brust & Emma Bull Tor gf, mlo, ec, dms, by
How Like a God Brenda Clough Tor jam
Fortress on the Sun Paul Cook Roc pg
The Book of Night With Moon Diane Duane Hodder & Stoughton /Warner Aspect by
King’s Dragon Kate Elliott DAW pal
Prince of Dogs (’98) Kate Elliott DAW pal
Rewind Terry England AvoNova pg
Wizard and Glass Stephen King D. M. Grant esa
Oaths and Miracles (’96) Nancy Kress Forge pg
Cold Iron Melisa Michaels ROC pal
Once a Hero Elizabeth Moon Baen pal, ec, ged
Destiny’s Road Larry Niven Tor mlo
Circle of Magic Tamora Pierce Scholastic pal
The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman Knopf ebh, gf
Frameshift Robert Sawyer Tor pg, ec
The Rise of Endymion Dan Simmons Bantam Spectra pg
Crown Duel Sherwood Smith Harcourt pal, ged
In Enemy Hands David Weber Baen by
City on Fire Walter Jon Williams HarperCollins gf

Key to nominators:
arl: Tony Lewis, by: Ben Yalow, ca: Claire Anderson, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, cle: Chris Logan Edwards, daa: Dave Anderson, dea: Deb Atwood, dgm: Monty Wells, dms: Davey Snyder, ebh: Lisa Hertel, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, esa: Ted Atwood, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn; jam: Jim Mann, jb: Judy Bemis, jr: Joe Rico, js: Joe Siclari, kp: Kelly Persons, mdh: Mark Hertel, mlo: Mark Olson, pal: Paula Lieberman, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, po: Priscilla Olson, rb: Ray Bowie, rk: Rick Katze, sl: Suford Lewis, sls: Sharon Sbarsky