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NESFA® 2002 Hugo Recommendations

9 June 2003 — mlo

NESFA continues to maintain a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It’s neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination.

These are items published in 2002 and eligible for the Hugos to be presented at Torcon 3 on Labor Day 2003. Note that novels and stories first published overseas in 2001 are also eligible.

The Sky So Big and Black John Barnes Tor gf
Vitals Greg Bear Del Rey sg, arl, gf
Kiln People David Brin Tor sg, arl, mlo, sls, vjd, dgg, gf, ca, daa
Shadow Puppets Orson Scott Card Tor sg
White Apples Jonathan Carroll Tor sg
Schild’s Ladder Greg Egan Eos mlo, gf, vjd, sg, jam, kp
The Mount Carol Emshwiller Small Beer sg
The Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde Viking (UK 2001) ca, daa, mlo, shs, gf, po, ged, esa, jam, ldtm, pf, vjd
Lost in a Good Book Jasper Fforde NEL (UK 2002) pf, ged, ca, daa, jam, ldtm, esa
Celtika Robert Holdstock Earthlight (UK, 2001) shs
A Scattering of Jades Alex Irvine Tor po, mlo, gf, jam, sg, ca
Probability Space Nancy Kress Tor sg
Chindi Jack McDevitt Ace shs
The Apocalypse Door James D Macdonald Tor mlo, po, ca, by, ec
Dark Light Ken MacLeod Orbit (UK) 2001, Tor gf, mlo, sg, kp
The Scar China Mieville Del Rey gf, sg, kp, vjd
Picoverse Robert Metzger Ace arl
Burning the Ice Laura J. Mixon Tor ca, mlo
Lamb: Gospel of Biff Christopher Moore Morrow shs
Altered Carbon Richard Morgan Gollancz UK 2002 vjd, gf
Night Watch Terry Pratchett HarperCollins mlo, jam, po
The Separation Christopher Priest Scribner UK ca, gf, vjd
Redemption Ark Alastair Reynolds Gollancz UK 2002 vjd, sg, gf, mlo, jam, by, ca, dgg
The Years of Rice and Salt Kim Stanley Robinson Bantam gf, arl, jks, sg, kp, ldtm, ca
Spaceland Rudy Rucker Tor sg
The Disappeared Kristine Kathryn Rusch Roc sls
Permanence Karl Schroeder Tor mlo, ca, gf
Dark as Day Charles Sheffield Tor mlo, ged, arl
The Atrocity Archive Charles Stross Spectrum 7-9 (UK ’02) ca
Bones of the Earth Michael Swanwick Eos mlo, gf, po, arl, jam, sg, ca, daa
Ruled Britannia Harry Turtledove Roc shs, th, dgg
The Golden Age John C. Wright Tor mlo, ec

The Potter of Bones Eleanor Arnason Asimov’s 9/02 gf
Riding the Rock Stephen Baxter PS Publishing sg
Bronte’s Egg Richard Chwedyk F&SF 8/02 sg
A Year in the Linear City Paul Di Filippo PS Publishing sg, vjd, gf
Singleton Greg Egan Interzone 2/02 (UK ’02) gf, ca, vjd
Coraline Neil Gaiman HarperCollins gf, po, ca, arl, sp, ec, dgg, vjd
Stories for Men John Kessel Asimov’s 10-11/02 gf
Breathmoss Ian MacLeod Asimov’s 5/02 ebh, ca, sg, gf
The Human Front Ken MacLeod PS Publishing (UK ’01); Dozois’ Year’s Best vjd, mlo, shs, ca, sg, gf
Veritas Robert Reed Asimov’s 7/02 ca, mlo
Glacial Alastair Reynolds Spectrum SF 5 2/01; Best SF of the Year (Hartwell) ca, vjd, sg, jam
Diamond Dogs Alastair Reynolds Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days jam, ca, dgg
Turquoise Days Alastair Reynolds Golden Gryphon gf, ca, mlo, vjd
With Caesar in the Underworld Robert Silverberg Asimov’s 10-11/02 ca
Jury Service Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow Sci Fiction 12/02 gf
Router Charles Stross Asimov’s 9/02 sg, gf, ca, mlo
The Memory of Stone Michelle West 30th Anniversary DAW: Fantasy pal

First to the Moon! Stephen Baxter & Simon Bradshaw Spectrum SF #6 sg, ca, vjd
The Kethani Inheritance Eric Brown Spectrum SF #7 sg
Joshua Tree Emma Bull The Green Man shs
Roach Motel Richard Calder Interzone 4/01 sg
Liking What You See: A Documentary Ted Chiang Stories of Your Life and Others shs, gf
Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box Charles de Lint The Green Man shs
Chichen Itza Alex Irvine F&SF 5/02 ca
Jimmy Guang’s House of Gladmech Alex Irvine Sci Fiction 4/02 gf
The Most Famous Little Girl in the World Nancy Kress Sci Fiction 5/02 gf
The Wild Girls Ursula K. Le Guin Asimov’s 3/02 gf
Isabel of the Fall Ian R. MacLeod Interzone 7/01 jam, vjd, ca, gf, sg, shs
The Passenger Paul McAuley Asimov’s 3/02 ca, sg
The Hidden Place Ian McDonald Asimov’s 10-11/02 sg, gf, ca
Melodies Played Upon Cold, Dark Worlds Robert Reed Sci Fiction 8/02 gf
Lying to Dogs Robert Reed Asimov’s 12/02 gf, ca
Oracles Robert Reed Asimov’s 1/02 gf
The Real Story Alastair Reynolds Mars Probes ca, sg, gf, vjd
Swiftly Adam Roberts Sci Fiction 4/02 gf
V. A. O. Geoff Ryman   vjd
Big Brother Iron Charles Stross Toast and Other Rusted Futures ca, vjd
Halo Charles Stross Asimov’s 6/02 sg, gf, ca, mlo, dgg, vjd
Tourist Charles Stross Asimov’s 2/02 gf, ca, mlo, jam
Slow Life Michael Swanwick Analog 12/02 gf, ca
The Wages of Syntax Ray Vukcevich Sci Fiction 10/02 gf
Our Friend Electricity Ron Wolfe F&SF 6/02 ca

Short Story
Restoring the Balance, 2 Tony Ballantyne Interzone 6/01 sg, ca
Marcher Chris Beckett Interzone 10/01 sg, ca, gf
The Pagodas of Ciboure M. Shayne Bell The Green Man shs
Ascent of Man Eric Brown Interzone 5/01 sg
A Book, By Its Cover P.D. Cacek Shelf Life, Dreamhaven Books shs
The Hanging Curve Gardner Dozois F&SF 4/02 ca, ged
Big Rock Candy Mountain Andy Duncan   vjd
What I Didn’t See Karen Joy Fowler   vjd
Lambing Time Molly Gloss Asimov’s 7/02 gf, ca
The Long Chase Geoffrey A. Landis Asimov’s 2/02 ca, sg, mlo
Falling onto Mars Geoffrey A. Landis Analog 7-8/02 ca, sg, gf, mlo
Social Dreaming of the Frin Ursula K. Le Guin F&SF 10-11/02 sg, gf
The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars Ian McDonald   vjd
Self Portrait, With Melanoma, Final Draft Paul Park Interzone 5/01 vjd, gf, sg
She Sees My Monsters Now Robert Reed Asimov’s 6/02 ca
In Paradise Bruce Sterling F&SF 9/02 gf, ca
The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport Michael Swanwick Asimov’s 10-11/02 ca, sg, gf
"Hello," Said the Stick Michael Swanwick Analog 3/02 ca, sg, gf, mlo

Related Book
Dragonhenge Bob Eggleton & John Grant Paper Tiger ca, ged
Adventures in the Dream Trade Neil Gaiman NESFA Press vjd
The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction Justine Larbalestier Wesleyan ca, vjd
Better to Have Loved Judith Merril & Emily Pohl-Weary Between the Lines ca, vjd
Mapping Mars Oliver Morton   vjd
Bad Astronomy Philip Plait   vjd
Ray Bradbury, An Illustrated Biography Jerry Wiest HarperCollins arl
Spectrum 9 Cathy and Arnie Fenner Underwood dgg

Dramatic Presentation Long Form
Spider-Man   sls, jam, ca, daa, ged, ldtm, dgg
The Two Towers   jam, mlo, po, sg, kp, pf, dgg, ldtm, arl, pal, ca, daa, sls, ged, ec, vjd
The Fellowship of the Ring Extended DVD   mlo, dgg
Attack of the Clones   mlo, pf, jam, ged, dgg
Minority Report   ca, daa, sg, jam, dgg, vjd
Dog Soldier   ca, daa
Russian Ark   ca, daa
The Time Machine   sls
Spy Kids II: Island of Lost Dreams   pf
Spirited Away   jam, ldtm, ca, daa, kp, pf, vjd
Metropolis (restored version)   vjd
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets   jam, pf, ged

Dramatic Presentation Short Form
Lilo and Stitch   jam, pf, shs, ldtm, by
The Council of Elrond Easter egg   by, mlo, po, ged, dgg
The Two Towers (trailer)   shs, pal
Wallace & Gromit — Cracking Contraptions   vjd
Princess Tut [1st episode]   pal
Carbon Creek Enterprise ged, arl, vjd
Space Station IMAX vjd
Scrat’s Missing Adventure from Ice Age DVD vjd
Take a Walk on the Windy Side CD shs
Ice Age   ca, daa, po
Waiting in the Wings Angel jam, by, vjd
Conversations with Dead People Buffy jam, by
Selfless Buffy by


Other Good Reads

The Duke of Uranium John Barnes Warner Aspect mlo, gf
Dragon’s Bones Patricia Briggs Ace pal
Kiln People David Brin Tor po
The Paths of the Dead Steven Brust Tor gf, po, mlo
Diplomatic Immunity Lois McMaster Bujold Baen gf, mlo, ged, ec
Explorer C. J. Cherryh DAW arl
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident Eoin Colfer Hyperion ca, ged
Lost in a Good Book Jasper Fforde NEL (UK02) gf, mlo, po
The Alchemist’s Door Lisa Goldstein Tor gf, mlo
Fallen Dragon Peter F. Hamilton Macmillan UK 2001, Warner Aspect jam, sg, esa
The Fall of the Kings Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman Bantam Spectra gf
The Apocalypse Door James D. Macdonald Tor gf
Engine City Ken MacLeod Orbit (UK02), Tor gf
Burning the Ice Laura J. Mixon Tor po
Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell Pat Murphy Tor po, mlo
The Impossible Bird Patrick O’Leary Tor po
The Atrocity Archive Charles Stross Spectrum 7-9 (UK ’02) gf
Jenna Starborn Sharon Shinn Ace po, ca
The Golden Age John C. Wright Tor gf, po

Short Fiction


Dramatic Presentation
Men in Black II   sls, pf, ged
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets   dgg
The Time Machine   dgg

Key to nominators:
ansl: Alice Lewis, arl: Tony Lewis, bsa: Brad Ackerman, by: Ben Yalow, ca: Claire Anderson, cjh: Chip Hitchcock, cle: Chris Logan Edwards, daa: Dave Anderson, dak: Debbie King, dea: Deb Atwood, dgg: David G. Grubbs, dmg: Deborah M. Geisler, ebh: Lisa Hertel, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ecl: Evelyn Leeper, esa: Ted Atwood, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn; jam: Jim Mann, jb: Judy Bemis, jr: Joe Rico, js: Joe Siclari, jks: Joyce Scrivner, kp: Kelly Persons, ldtm: Laurie Mann,  mdh: Mark Hertel, mlo: Mark Olson, pal: Paula Lieberman, pf: Pam Fremon, pg: Paul Giguere, po: Priscilla Olson, rb: Ray Bowie, rk: Rick Katze, sg: Sam Gentile, sl: Suford Lewis, shs: Steven Silver, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, sp: Shelia Perry, th: Teddy Harvia, tps: Tim Szczesuil, vjd: Vincent J. Docherty