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Note that, as of this time, most events at the NESFA Clubhouse are “mask optional”. Some events, especially some Game Days and Dr. Who events, are “mask required”. Any “mask required” events will say so in their listing.

Game and Video days, as well as Wednesday evenings at the Clubhouse, have resumed being in-person. For now, NESFA and Boskone Business Meetings will remain via Zoom.

In addition to the activities listed here, some NESFA members gather at the clubhouse almost every Wednesday evening to work, socialize, and play games).

The building is almost always open between 6 pm and 9 pm on Wednesday evenings and often later. When the weather is inclement, please call 617-625-2311 to make sure that there are people at the clubhouse before showing up.

The clubhouse is cleaned by professional cleaners every other week.

In 2024, the clubhouse cleaning occurs every other Friday, including May 17, 31, June 14, 28, July 12, 26, etc.

Please schedule your activities so as not to interfere with their work.

Friday, October 5, 2018 • 7:00pm to 10:00pm
NESFA Reading Group Book: Gateway by Frederick Pohl.

The discovery of Gateway, a hollowed out asteroid containing the space station of a long gone or dormant alien civilization complete with hundreds of working alien spaceships that can travel FTL, brought forth a cadre of humans who set out to explore the galaxy while searching for valuable resources on distant planets and the technologies of extra solar civilizations.

Buckle up and join in we discuss Robinette 'Bob' Broadhead's prospecting adventures through an uncaring universe that is filled with death, despair, and, for those lucky few, untold and unimagined riches.

At the clubhouse.
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