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New England Gaming Convention Guidelines for attendees

Welcome to the New England Gaming Convention. We want you to have a great time while you attend the convention. Here’s a few guidelines for attendees to follow, to make sure that everyone has fun, while we show considerations for our fellow attendees.

  1. Be polite. It only takes a second to be considerate and courteous to others, and it doesn’t cost anything, either. It’s free!
  2. Be considerate. No running, pushing, or other unwanted physical interaction, please.
  3. No outside drinks except water. If you want to purchase soda or juice, you may go downstairs to the bar area, and purchase your refreshments there. The VFW charges $1 for a soda. You may bring in as much water as you want.
  4. Food: you may bring in any food you want to. You may also have food delivered to the convention, so long as you pay for it and are prepared to receive it. The N.E.G.C. will not be responsible for payment of deliveries of food in any way, so please don’t ask. If you order food during a tournament, you must obtain permission from your GM or Judge , in order to remain in the tournament, especially if it presents a significant delay in the game. We recommend that you obtain food either before, or after tournaments to avoid being disqualified from said tournament.
  5. Food cleanup. You are responsible for your own food, and your own mess. Be sure to clean up after yourself. Remember: your mother doesn’t work here! So please, clean up your mess. Thank you.
  6. Tournaments: no cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be removed immediately from the tournaments, and not allowed to enter any other tournaments for the duration of the convention.
  7. Judges/GM’s: A judge or GM will run every tournament. The judge’s/GM’s decisions regarding everything from improper playing to awarding prizes for each tournament will be final. If you disagree with their decision, please find a staff member to adjudicate the matter. We are counting on everyone to play fairly, reasonably, and honestly.
  8. Prizes will be collected directly after each tournament, and will be chosen by the judge. In the case of an RPG, the best player may be chosen by varying criteria as assigned by the GM. The GM or Judge will explain the victory conditions necessary to win a tournament, and everyone is expected to accept the decision of the Judges/GMs.
  9. Freebies, prizes and giveaways. There will be a ‘freebie’ table, where items will be given out for free. If attendees want to collect freebies, they must check in with the convention staff, and be checked off on a list, to make sure that we have enough for everyone to receive something. Some freebies might not be available until you are ready to depart the convention, so be sure to consult a staff member before leaving.
    Prizes will be awarded for winning tournaments, and will be given out directly after each tournament is over, and a winner or mvp is decided by Judge or GM. Any second or third place prizes will be awarded at that time as well.
    Giveaways: there may be items given away for free, at various times during the convention. These items will be handed out either at random, or distributed fairly according to N.E.G.C. rules and regulations.
  10. Disputes: any issues that come up during the convention will be resolved by a staff member. We will deal fairly, honestly, and openly with anyone who has an issue or concern. Our decisions are final, and will be enforced. We hope that everyone will have a fun, safe convention, and will look forward to our next event. Let us know immediately if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We thank you for attending. Go have fun!

For further inquiries you may contact us at