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Clubhouse Activities

The NESFA Clubhouse

Our clubhouse is at 504 Medford St., Somerville (phone 617-625-2311), just off Broadway near Magoun Square. Much of NESFA’s clubhouse is devoted to NESFA’s compulsive need to save everything. NESFA’s stuff collection is unparalleled.

The NESFA Library

The clubhouse houses NESFA’s Library of about 20,000 science fiction books and videos including a great non-fiction reference collection plus an extensive run of SF magazines and fanzines. NESFA’s library covers most of the wall (and window) space at the clubhouse. Members may borrow any item, by signing it out electronically from the NESFA Clubhouse using the Koha cataloging system.  On most Wednesdays & Saturdays, we have Open Library hours from noon to 7pm when we catalog our Library. Non-NESFA members are welcome to help or just stop by to read a book. See our schedule at

NESFA Gaming