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Going for Infinity

Review by Mark L. Olson

Going for Infinity

by Poul Anderson

Tor, 2002, $25.95, 416 pp

If you ever doubted that Poul Anderson was a most distinguished SF writer, this valedictory collection should prove it to you. It appears to have been assembled by Anderson after he knew that he had probably-fatal cancer. It collects a batch of his best stories along with running autobiographical commentary.

There’s not a weak story in the bunch – the weakest is a short sequel to The High Crusade that I was entirely unaware even existed – and the strength of his writing is demonstrated by the fact that not even all his Hugo and Nebula winners made it into the book! (I do wish there’d been a Hoka story, though.)

The high points, to me, were

What a remarkable writer! Highly recommended!