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The Collected Stories of Greg Bear

Review by Mark L. Olson

The Collected Stories of Greg Bear

by Greg Bear

Tor, 2002, $29.95, 653 pp

Greg Bear is, of course, one of the best SF writers in the business today and, as promised, we find all of his stories collected here.

My own taste mostly runs to his SF: I particularly liked “The Wind from a Burning Woman” which is tied to several of his best SF novels, including Eon and Eternity. “Through Road, No Whither” is a somewhat spooky, short, not-exactly alternative history. Probably my favorite of them all is “Hardfought” in which humanity is fighting an implacable alien enemy in an endless war in a relativistic universe where there does not seem even to be a possibility of ever ending it. How can Humanity retain its soul?

And that’s only seventy five pages out of more than six hundred!